A brief history of Banarasi silk saree in India.

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Description: The general history of winding in Banaras is fairly broken. Buddhist records from Jataka Katha say that Kasi or Varanasi was unmistakable cotton developing/winding around focus; however, it was likewise rumored for a wide range of winding around. A few say the notices and portrayals of Hiranya texture - made of gold - as found in the venerated Rig Veda are very like those of the sublime Kimkhab/Kinkhab brocades of Banaras - which were woven with genuine gold and silver yarns. The city additionally tracks down a place in Mahabharata. The British records, the most understandable of the accessible documentation, likewise verify the stand that the old city of Varanasi was consistently a huge winding around the focus. Its exceptional brocades were even sent out to Europe!

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