Red Chamber Night Talk 85

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Description: "Miss, Cistanche is right. I lost something. It's not a small object. It's a Guanyin jade pendant brought back by the young master that day.". Sister Xiangxuan went out of the Little Joy Garden this morning. She said she had something to do with my uncle, so she told me to pack up the box. I didn't think about it. I went to the outer room to get incense. The jade pendant was gone. There was only one Cistanche in the room at that time. Who else could she say if I didn't say it? "But the jade pendant I brought back from the Fahua Temple?" Daiyu asked. Qingwen replied, "Yes, I guess this thing is expensive. Sister Xiangxuan used to count these expensive things every three days, but I..". Partial to me ......” "Don't say anything," said Daiyu coldly. "Let's find something first. Let me ask you, has anyone ever gone out of this yard since you lost something? "Back to the girl, no one went out. I was afraid that the thief would take advantage of the chaos to go out. As soon as I asked someone to close the door, the girl arrived." Although Qingwen was in a hurry, she was not stupid. She knew that the thief was in the Little Joy Garden, so she didn't dare to let him go. She and Chunqian, who had come to accompany her, blocked the front and back doors. Had it not been for the bigger trouble of Cistanche deserticola, I was afraid that they would have begun to search one by one. Daiyu stared at everyone, including Chunqian and Qingwen, for a long time before she spoke slowly. Chapter 124 of the main text, the organ calculates the life instead of losing it. Chapter 124 the organ calculates the life instead of losing it (the second watch). (Jing He didn't break his promise. The second chapter sent the bird ~ ~ ~) Ever since Fahua Temple came back, the elder brother said to himself in a mysterious way, "The man I saw that day is a real noble. He is a person who can command the wind and rain in the court. He can help their family achieve great things.". But when he asked his brother again,touch screen whiteboard, he did not explain, but laughed and said that Rong Ze and Jue were blessed children. From then on, Daiyu kept her mind and gave the Guanyin jade pendant to Xiangxuan for personal safekeeping. It was originally brought by Rong Ze every day, after all, it was a light thing, but Rong Ze kept shouting, saying that the gold collar with jade pendant was too heavy, and it was troublesome for him to practice kungfu. Daiyu spoiled Rong Ze,smartboards in classrooms, so she sent someone to put on a new collar, and the jade pendant was temporarily put away. Time is so coincidental, neither too early nor too late, but when Xiangxuan left, what else could there be besides the thieves? Daiyu first said apologetically to Xichun, "Good sister, it's hot outside. You sit inside first and ask Xiangshan to accompany you. I'll talk to you after I finish these things." Xichun nodded and said, "Sister Lin, all you have to do is punish these people heavily. If you don't steal jade this time, it won't necessarily be anything next time."? "There was a good girl in Baoyu's place, who was also a charming little girl. Who would have thought that she would have the audacity to steal the jade? Although she was found, the second wife had her beaten fifty times at the corner gate, and it was gone that night. Later, no one dared to attack Baoyu." Xichun's heart was on Daiyu's side, interactive panel board ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, but when Daiyu heard her say that her son had been killed, she didn't even blink her eyes, and she felt a little cold in her heart. Or is it hard-hearted? After sending Xichun into the room, Daiyu turned around and sat down on the imperial concubine's chair under the porch. She looked at the servant girl standing in the courtyard and said, "It's already clear. The thief is in your courtyard.". I'm not afraid to tell you that the jade is priceless. It's all right to hand it over today. If not, no one can get through this. The Little Joy Garden was silent, and no one dared to speak. "Well," said Daiyu with a sneer, "I thought it was common for you to be so young that you haven't seen these things. Or if you take them to see, as long as you hand them over, I won't pursue them any more. But now, everyone's mouth is quite tight. But it doesn't matter, the thing is just lost, also so in a twinkling of an eye, certainly will not be elsewhere, on the body of the thief on the Bidie, you and Xianghui personally to search, carefully look for, must give me this little thief who does not know the depth of heaven and earth. When Qingwen saw that Daiyu was really angry, she changed her mind and looked at Cistanche, whose face had changed slightly. "Miss," she said, "since it was stolen from me, of course you should search me first. Don't let people think that I'm stealing from myself and humiliating the good reputation of the Lin family. ” Daiyu was surprised. She thought Qingwen couldn't stand such humiliation. Naturally, she resisted desperately. She didn't think she was wise today. With a slight smile on his face, he said, "Well, you are also a person who has been with our ancestors for many years. I know your conduct. There is no time when your hands are short.". It's just that it's not easy to be a first-class servant girl in Xiaoxi Garden. It's hard to be convinced if you don't search it. Bidie and Xianghui got Daiyu's order and checked Qingwen up and down in front of everyone, but there was nothing. Daiyu breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Qingwen was innocent. She looked at Cistanche again and said, "Since Qingwen and you were the only ones in the room at that time, the second one should search from you." Cistanche forced herself to smile calmly and said, "That's what the girl said. Please check it carefully." Bidie and Xianghui looked down on her arrogant appearance and searched more carefully. As soon as Bidie touched her neck, she took out a red rope with a green pendant hanging on it, which was bright in the sunlight. Bidie was delighted and shouted, "Girl, I found it." Cistanche grabbed Bidie's hand as she tried to pick the jade pendant. "It's not the young master's," she said hurriedly. "It's my own. If you don't believe me, ask Qingwen to look at it. Is this what you lost?" The two men were at loggerheads when Daiyu came up to them. "Is this yours?" Cistanche nodded heavily, took off the jade pendant and handed it to Daiyu with both hands. "Look, girl, what the young master has lost is a Guanyin pendant. What about mine? There's nothing on it. It's really my own thing." Daiyu placed the pendant on the palm of her hand and rubbed it carefully, as if it were a rare treasure. Cistanche is in trouble in the heart, is it possible that the girl is also in love? It was a gift from my mother, saying that the greener it was, the more valuable it was,interactive panels for education, perhaps better than the young master's. "" Do you know what the pattern on this pendant is? "Daiyu asked with a smile. Cistanche hesitated and said, "Maybe it's a word." Daiyu smiled and nodded. Her face suddenly changed. "I'll tell you what it is," said Gao Sheng. "It's Min. How dare you say it's not from the Lin family?"? This is clearly my mother's dowry. Where did you get it? Come quickly and truthfully.

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