PHP online training

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Description: PHP online training is being provided to engineering students in this current pandemic for the safety of students and to make good use of their time.


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C language online training

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Description: C language online training is being taken by many students to utilize their time and improve skills during period when colleges and institutes are closed.


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MS office online training

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Description: MS office online training is being provided by institutes to students. They can teach through various meeting online tools available that have facility of recording sessions and raising queries.


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PHP online course

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Description: PHP online course is being introduced to students by institutes in India as per the current scenario of pandemic where educational centers can‘t operate physically.


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Java online training

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Description: Java online training is being provided by institutes to students so that they can continue their studies and make good use of time. Hence they can develop their technical skills by following guidance through online classes.


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Tally online course

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Description: Tally online course facilitates students from commerce stream to learn the tally software from home. It has become very convenient to schedule online meeting or sessions for teaching and discussing about the query of students.


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Tally online training

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Description: Tally online training is being offered by tally professionals to students on TDS. The topic includes TDS e-filing & TDS returns that can make them a true professional. Certificate is also provided to students after completion of the course.


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