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Description: The magic transport array of the temple of wealth suddenly burst into a strong light, and the twelve holy unicorns of light dragged a gorgeous car cast with mithril, and the car with the eternal blessing of Daming Light slowly walked out of the transport array. Then large groups of dawn knights wearing silver armor and riding silver winged horses strode out of the magic array. Holy Crown Pope Griesgaard? Dawn, the most powerful Pope of the Church, who claims to be the closest to the gods, arrived in the city of Vyas with 10,000 dawn knights. In Griesgaard? After the dawn, the Pope of the Seal arrived with ten thousand knights of punishment, and the Pope of the Scepter with ten thousand knights of rage, that is, the kungfu of the front and back feet. The simultaneous arrival of three popes in the city of Vyas touched all the countries of the Western continent. Lin Qi personally handled the reception of the three popes with great bitterness. (To be continued) The Era of Light is Chapter 1333 signing and assassination (3). The three popes were so hard to serve that they firmly refused the offer to stay in the Cathedral of the Goddess of Wealth-as the highest representatives of the Temple of Dawn, the Temple of Punishment and the Temple of War in the Church, how could they stay in the churches of other gods? This is certainly a betrayal of their faith! But in the whole territory of Vyas, only the church of the goddess of wealth exists! The helpless Linzi could only vacate the Golden Dragon City and arrange for the three rarely served Popes and their attendants to go in. The three popes expressed great satisfaction with Linzi's arrangement, and then they found various excuses to summon Linzi and Arda. After a while, they would say that they had received a decree from the gods and had some instructions about the future of the Longshan Empire. After a while,fine bubble diffuser, they would say that the gods had once again given them a sign that they must discuss the future of the Longshan Empire with Linzi. In a word, the three popes were like three pieces of cowhide candy, stuck to Linzi and Alda. The problem is that the Pope has three people, while Linzi and Arda have only two people, and the future Emperor of the Dragon Mountain Empire, Count Dragon Mountain,MBR reactor, has only one person! ? The two men, who lacked skills, were so frustrated that later, even the three popes almost started fighting. ยง. Everything is just for the once Vyas Commercial Federation, the future Longshan Empire, a piece of fat meat that makes people drool! In that state of loose Federation, the Vyas Commercial Federation received far more tax revenue than the Gallic Empire and the Great Yan Dynasty combined every year. It can be imagined that once the Longshan Empire was established, the Longshan Empire had a strong tax department, and the annual tax revenue could at least double. After all, in the federal state, many great nobles, filter nozzle ,rapid sand filters, such as the consuls, would always exempt their family's shops from taxes in various names, and these great nobles or consuls, they controlled the most profitable part of the business. According to the estimates of the think tanks around the three popes, once the Longshan Empire is established, as long as the person sitting on the throne is not a stupid pig, then the annual tax revenue of the Longshan Empire may be more than double the total annual revenue of the Gallic Empire, the Great Yan Dynasty and the Harlan Empire! What a terrible number this is! With the vast territory and luxuriant population of the Longshan Empire, the potential of the Longshan Empire is too great! Any powerful temple will not give up its interests in this country, especially the Dawn Temple, which is an old friend of the Longshan family and has always had good cooperation and friendship! Grigor? Chenxi has regarded the Longshan family as his own private plot. He is even willing to give up most of his interests in the Gallic Empire and the Harran Empire. He even proposed that Shengguang I and Shenghui I should abdicate. He firmly believes that the two core figures of the Longshan family are the saints of the Chenxi Temple, so the Chenxi Temple must monopolize all the interests of the Longshan Empire. But how could the Pope of the Seal, who represents the Temple of Punishment, and the Pope of the Scepter, who represents the Temple of War, tolerate such a thing? Compared with the fat pig's feet of the Longshan Empire, the Gallic Empire and the Harlan Empire are just two big pig's leg bones. Although there is a little skin and flesh hanging on the bones, they are certainly not as fragrant and fat as the pig's feet! Linzi and Arda were involved in endless wrangling and disputes among the three popes. All kinds of interest exchanges, all kinds of promises, all kinds of promises, even the threats and threats of the Temple of Punishment and the Temple of War intentionally or unintentionally, Linzi almost wanted to close the door of the Golden Dragon City and release all the demons of the Sixth Abyss to kill all three popes! In just a few days, if the secret negotiations between Linzi and the three popes were leaked, it would certainly cause a huge shock to the western continent! Finally, the interest division plan proposed by Hu Xinzhu and Yun was unanimously approved by the three popes, and Alda signed a formal contract with the three popes on behalf of the Longshan family and the Longshan Empire. The three most powerful temples, on the premise of their unconditional support and unconditional protection for the Longshan Empire, reached a four-three-three division of interests between the Longshan Empire and them. Of the religious resources of the Longshan Empire, the Temple of Dawn occupies 40%, and the other two temples occupy 30% respectively. The gold coins offered by the Longshan family to the church every year will also be divided according to this proportion. The secret contract also stipulated that the Longshan family should pay no less than one billion gold coins to the church every year, with no ceiling. At the same time, in addition to gold coins, the Longshan family also had the obligation to undertake the replenishment of weapons, provisions, mounts and magic guides for a part of the three temples. The Ryuyama Empire will build churches of the three major deities and religious academies in every city in the Empire! Longshan Empire must guide the belief of the residents in the territory, guide them to believe in the gods of the three major gods, and abandon the worship of other gods. When the church needs it,lamella tube, the army of the Longshan Empire must also assist the army of the church in battle. For example, if the church does not like an empire and wants to change its master, then the Longshan Empire has the obligation to send troops to cooperate with the church to attack the empire.

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