Bind the tiger's hand

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Description: Gao Xiang put the little green aside, and the magic dagger was full of brilliance. The force is like a mad tiger fighting back, gnashing its teeth and looking like madness. Shadow contact, sword shadow all over the sky. Suddenly, the green shadow flew out of Zhang, and the figure stopped. Dangdang Ding Ding. Crushed iron powder, like rain all over the sky. Yong Zhujun flew out, leaving only the handle of the sword in his hand. A star of golden rainbow flew down three Zhangs away. It was half of the golden hairpin on Yong Zhujun's bun. It was cut off by Gao Xiang and flew away with a bunch of hair. Gao Xiang's eyes are like cracks, and the tiger's eyes are round. He gnashed his teeth and shouted, "Next move, if you want your dog's life, change the sword!" Yong Zhujun's pale face turned grey. He dropped his sword and picked up the young girl. He jumped and asked, "Daughter, how is it?" "Right Shoulder Well, Knee Pass and Right Quchi are made." The girl shouted as hard as she could. Yong Zhujun quickly untied his daughter's acupoint, pulled out her sword, and shouted to Gao Xiang, who was following him, "You change your sword and make a fair decision." Gao Xiang snorted and said, "OK, I'll give you a chance." With that, he shouted to Bai Changmian, who was beaten by flying sand and stones, "Elder Shen!" The younger generation has promised them a fair fight. Please stop. With a wild laugh, Bai Changmian forced the old woman to retreat and flew back two feet away, shouting, "Well, that's what a real man does." Gao Xiang retreated to Xiao Lu's side, solved the valve point for Xiao Lu, handed the magic dagger to her, and conveniently took Zhang Xiaoyun's sword. Little green couldn't help but burst into tears and threw herself into his arms, hugged him and cried sadly. He patted the girl on the back and said with a wry smile,fish measuring tape, "Little Green, Little Green, it's all over. Don't cry." He lightly hugged Xiao Lu to Zhang Xiaoyun's side, approached Xiuzhi, and said, "You go!"! Offend. Offend. Xiuzheng prostrated himself about thirty feet away from Yongzhujun and sobbed, "The maidservant has served the young lady for more than twenty years. She is loyal and loyal.". Follow the young lady put up with all kinds of hardships, go through life and death without a word of complaint, last night the maidservant was captured, they asked the maidservant at the end of the word, maidservant this heart, day can show, never betray the young lady's crime. "Since the young lady doesn't want the maidservant to be loyal to her, the maidservant doesn't deserve to wait on the young lady." She kowtowed again and again, bowed and turned around with tears, like flying away. Yong Zhujun was stunned and shouted, "Sister Xiu Zhi, Wheel tape measure ,Pi tape measure, please listen to me.." But Xiuzhi was ten feet away and walked away without looking back. Yong Zhujun did not give up and rushed after him. Gao Xiang stopped him and shouted, "Stop!"! You've lived with hate for 20 years. You have no reason to keep the maid and the nurse around to be destroyed by hatred, and you, the posthumous daughter, have no reason to accept the hatred you have imposed on her heart. You have lost your humanity, and now it's time for you to turn around and redeem yourself. With a sharp shout and a thousand white lotus flowers, Yong Fried Jun grabbed the advanced move of the machine and rushed in like a storm, desperately. Zhang Xiaoyun took hold of Xiao Lu, who was still feeling weak, and hurriedly hid himself in the forest and said, "Let's avoid it first, so that Master Gao won't have any scruples." Little green actually agreed, at the same time she really needs to find a quiet place to rest, probably last night she suffered a lot. Gaoxiang fearlessly wielded his sword and took Yongzhujun's fierce and incomparable attack of nine swords in one breath. He stood back to get the empty door and rushed in bravely. He responded with an overwhelming three strokes of nine swords, not only recapturing the territory he had given up, but also forcing the other side into the dead corner near the cliff. Within three Zhangs, the sword cracks the skin to the bone, and the flying shadow of the sword spreads all over the sky and the earth. It is a fierce fight that is unprecedented and rare in Wulin. The roar of the two swords is shocking. The fierce sprint and fast evasion are too many to see. Every sword of both sides is close to the vital point. It is dangerous and life and death must be a disaster. At first, the two sides seemed evenly matched. Soon, the whistling on Yong Zhujun's sword was significantly weakened. Bai Changmian looked on with folded arms. At first, he looked solemn, but soon he regained his relaxed expression. Finally, he grinned grimly and said, "That's all. Woman, your internal force is too bad. Although your swordsmanship is good, its power is only 60%.". Compared with this young man, he is still far behind. Ha-ha! Young man, it's a pity that this sword will be successful after one more inch. Ah! How can you show mercy. Yong Zhujun has been forced to go to the cliff. With a loud shout, the sword suddenly changed into "Ding Ding" and suddenly brought Gao Xiang's sword out of the side door. With a flash of the sword rainbow, it eerily attacked Gao Xiang's right rib and emptied it from an impossible direction. Gao Xiang had to twist his body to the left and beat his waist to make a "Star River hanging upside down". He not only escaped the sword shadow of the continuous attack, but also attacked the opponent's lower plate. At the same time, he wanted to recapture his original position and forbade the opponent to get out of trouble. Unfortunately, Yongzhu Jun's sword became too sudden, the power seems to increase nearly times, has changed the direction out of the predicament, away from the dead corner of the cliff. Bah! Yong Zhujun shouted again and launched another more overbearing swordsmanship. The offensive was endless and endless. In just a moment, he attacked a hundred swords and forced Gao Xiang back more than ten steps. Gao Xiang was startled at first, and in a deep voice he made a move. He was no stranger to this familiar overbearing swordsmanship! As he tried to hold on, he exclaimed in surprise, "Good!"! Very interesting, you also take me a few tricks to learn. With a low roar, he attacked the "Silver Han Flying Star", followed by the "Seven Stars Lianzhu" ferociously retaliated, using the twelve shooting stars Sanshou swordsmanship. The two men once again showed great power, more ferocious, more violent and more sinister than before. Bai Changmian, who was watching the battle from one side, had a terrible grimace on his face, which was replaced by a more frightening and more ferocious scowl. The fierce light in the ghost's eyes burst out, and a strong sense of murder appeared on his face. He snorted to himself: "Good boy, you have made the biggest mistake." The old woman that is not far also snorted, interface asks: "Ugly Ghost,tape measure clip, what did that boy make the biggest mistake?" Bai Changmian curled his lips with a grim smile and asked, "Why do you ask?" "Can't you ask?" "You can ask." "Tell me about it." "This kind of swordsmanship cannot be passed on to women." "What?" The old woman asked in puzzlement. "Fierce and domineering swordsmanship requires a powerful internal force to control the sword," said Bai Changmian with a smile. "Your mistress's inner strength is already poor. How long can she sustain a return attack with this swordsmanship?" "Did you just say my young lady?" "Of course." "She's not a boy. The old man thought you were referring to the younger generation with the surname of Gao." ?

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