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Description: Even the goddess of life, the wife of the God of destruction, will not come here easily, because there are huge destructive ideas everywhere, which come from the destructive ideas of all kinds of creatures in the lower world. Only the God of destruction can absorb and transform it into his own power. Therefore, whenever he practices, the God of destruction will be here, and he will usually live in the upper house of the lake of life of the goddess of life. In the dimly lit hall, the scarlet carpet extended from the entrance to the innermost side. A flash of lightning flashed through the window, which made the hall a little brighter for a while. It can be seen that on the main seat inside the hall, sitting upright, is the God of destruction. On each side of the lower head, there were four chairs, on which sat eight people of different shapes. No, to be exact, they should be eight gods. Of the eight gods, only the first one on the left, a God whose whole body was hidden in heavy armor, had a normal breath. The remaining seven people, more or less,side impact beams, had a kind of depressing or crazy breath. Let's get ready for that. The deep voice of the God of destruction echoed throughout the hall. As soon as this remark was made, the bodies of the eight gods sitting below all shook slightly. With a faint green light in his eyes, a slight figure of God licked his lips with his long tongue. "Lord, can we really start?"? But Poseidon there, it seems. His voice is so strange that even men and women can't recognize it. Don't you understand when I say I can start preparing? The voice of the God of destruction suddenly became cold, and the whole hall suddenly became silent. Yes, yes, Lord,side impact door beams, we're getting ready. Said the thin little God hurriedly. The God of Destruction said coldly, "I will solve the problem of Poseidon.". After I control the center of the divine world, I will start to start. What you need to do is to prepare all the preliminary work. "Yes, Lord." The eight gods stood up at the same time and saluted respectfully to the God of destruction. At this moment, a circle of nimbus lights up behind each of them, either dark or bright, but the nimbus contains seven circles, layer upon layer, gradually changing with its own nimbus color, the more inward, the lighter the color. Seven-ring Nimbus, a God of the first level! The God of destruction stood up, behind the same circle of nimbus lit up, compared to the following level of gods, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,cold drawn tubes, his back nimbus is much larger, contains nine rings, a strong breath of destruction looming. Dark red eyes cast into the distance, the light in the eyes changes, do not know what to think. Just then, suddenly, a blue light appeared at the top of the hall. When the light appeared, the bodies of the eight gods hidden in the darkness in the hall all shook slightly, showing different emotions. The red light in the eyes of the God of destruction is also slightly frozen. God of destruction. A clear and melodious voice sounded. The God of destruction said coldly, "What can Poseidon say?" Tang San's voice came from the blue light, "I thought carefully about what happened yesterday, and it's not entirely impossible.". I have a hunch that it will probably appear within a year. If there is no movement within a year, how about expanding the divine world according to the will of the God of destruction? After listening to his words, the God of destruction could not help but be stupefied. After a moment of silence, he said in a deep voice, "Good." "That's very good." Tang San's soft voice still echoed in the hall, and the next moment, the blue light converged and disappeared. The God of destruction clenched his fist subconsciously. This is the power that controls the center of the divine world. No matter what level the God is, as long as the God king wants to communicate with him, he can contact him immediately. Lord. Now that Poseidon has said so, why not. First on the left, the God, whose whole body was hidden in heavy armor, said in a deep voice. Shut up. The mind of the God of destruction suddenly became strong. "Is he demonstrating to me that he is the Lord of the divine world?"? Who knows what other ideas he'll have a year from now? Everything goes according to plan. This is a rare opportunity not to be missed. Opportunity? What is the opportunity? Even the following eight first-level gods are not clear. But none of them dared to disobey the will of the God of destruction. Chapter 007 Gusteau and the goddess of nine colors. Six months later. Tang San sat quietly behind the table, looking at an account book in his hand. This is a summary of the power of mind that the divine world has gained from all over the world in the past month. Some of the human beings who need special attention are also among them, all of which are well documented. Frowning slightly, Tang San shook his head slowly. Just then, a cold little hand came from behind and rubbed his frowning brows. What's the matter, third brother? The sweet voice of the little dance sounded. Tang Sanren let her massage her eyebrows, with a gentle smile on her face: "Nothing, but these days I don't know why, the number of thoughts from the lower world has obviously decreased.". But the situation in the lower continents is as usual, and I don't know what the problem is. I've had people investigate several times, but nothing has come of it. Xiaowu walked up to him and sat down on his lap. After six months of gestation, she is now eight months pregnant. In more than a month, she will give birth to Liner. Could it be a sign that your premonition will come true? Xiao Wu said in a low voice. Tang San's body shook. He put his arms around her and said, "You'd better not.". The last thing I want is to suffer a catastrophe at this time. There was a gentle smile on Xiao Wu's face, and of course she knew why Tang San said that. He is about to give birth to a child, at this time, his heart is most easily confused ah! Over the past six months, he has taken good care of her and spent almost all his time with her except for routine work, which has made her very satisfied. It's all right. No matter what happens, we'll fight together and we'll get through it. Xiao Wu comforted him with a soft voice. Tang San nodded with a smile and said, "As long as I have you by my side, I'm not afraid of anything." The little dance leaned against his arms, and his pretty face was full of contented smiles. Mountain valley. 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