Douro Continent 2 Peerless Tangmen

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Description: What are you waiting for? When a strong barrier becomes weak, what you have to do is to break it. Electrolux. At the end of Huangshe Road, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong showed their figures again. Huo Yuhao loosened his arms and stretched out his hands. But Wang Dong just raised his right hand. Looking at each other, they saw their reflection in each other's eyes, and at this moment, their hearts were connected. Huo Yuhao seemed to take care of the most precious treasure and held Wang Dong's right hand together in his palms. At the moment of closing, Huo Yuhao's hands turned into ice white, while Wang Dong's right hand turned into a strange dark gold. The three palms met, and a terrible stream of air suddenly burst out with their bodies as the center. Seen from the outside, the thick ice fog suddenly rose rapidly, like a mushroom cloud suddenly rising, and an indescribable majesty appeared in the ice fog. At this moment, only Ling Luochen and Xu Sanshi can really feel and see all this. They could not describe the shock in their hearts, and what an amazing scene was presented to them! At the moment when the rich white light interweaves with the dark golden light, the figures of Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong disappeared under the rich light. Then, a slender figure quietly emerged behind the light. The figure looked about two meters tall, slender and tall, with black hair hanging over his shoulders, and the gorgeous white gown seemed to be covered with diamonds, emitting brilliant light. His eyes were aquamarine,Ceramic Bobbin, not deep aquamarine, but glittering and full of endless majesty. From the appearance, at least eight points similar to Huo Yuhao, or this is what Huo Yuhao looks like when he grows up. When he appeared for a moment, the ice fog in the air suddenly rushed to his direction at an alarming speed, just like the sea admits hundreds of rivers, and even Ling Luochen's own soul power was quickly swallowed by the sudden appearance of the figure. Ling Luochen how clever,Ozone generator ceramic plate, she did not try to resist or stop, but go all out to release the ice fog soul skill. Although the outer ice fog quickly disappeared because of the whale swallow, the part of the ice fog that covered several of them remained. This is clearly nihility, but there is a strong sense of reality of the figure, the right hand out, grasp into the front of the group of light. The light suddenly froze, and then the figure disappeared. At the moment of his disappearance, Xu Sanshi and Ling Luochen had the same feeling in their hearts, wild! In the next moment, in front of the Star Guardian, the space was torn apart in an instant. A huge hammer appeared out of thin air. The head of the hammer is as black as ink, but there is a sharp bulge at each end, which is green, and the handle looks like it is covered with diamonds. At the moment of its appearance, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,ceramic bobbin heater, a strange sob sounded in the air, as if the air was crying for its existence. The sharp green light on both sides of the hammer, the dark golden light of the hammer itself and the icy white of the handle, three different colors burst out at the same time. The next moment, the super hammer, which was ten meters long and three meters in diameter, turned into blood in an instant. All the light seemed to be swallowed up by the blood red, and even the guardian of the stars in front of him seemed to tremble because of its appearance. As if there was an invisible hand controlling the giant hammer, the next moment, the hammer fell. What the princess saw for a long time was the moment the hammer fell. She felt a flash of blood outside the Star Guardian, and then she suddenly felt as if her chest had been hit by a huge force, and the star crown on her forehead sounded like a broken clang. On the diamond-shaped gem in the middle of the star crown, there were traces of cracking, and then the guardian of the star collapsed in an instant. There was a flash of blood, and the ice fog on the competition platform disappeared. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong reappeared on the stage, but at this time Wang Dong was lying behind Huo Yuhao, apparently losing consciousness. Huo Yuhao is still awake, eyes burning looking ahead, his right hand on his forehead a press, and then index finger, middle finger and finger in the air. Suddenly, a strange blue light flashed in the air, and the light pointed to the absolute defensive shield that had trapped Ma Xiaotao. Is the finger pointed out the next moment, Huo Yuhao's eyes are also instantly dim, he seems to have a faint glance at the distant princess for a long time, with a trace of pride and more satisfaction, carrying Wang Dong fell to the ground. What's the matter? The metal ball at the top of the absolute defense shield suddenly gave out a crisp sound, the whole metal ball trembled violently, the original brilliant golden color dimmed at an alarming rate, only two breaths, the color faded, turned into gray, and the shield itself became extremely thin. Without the cover of ice and fog, the audience and the Emperor of the Star Empire in the city all clearly saw the situation on the stage. Just like his sister's reaction, Emperor Xingluo blurted out the words "impossible" in an instant. Star Guardian, on the surface, looks like the fourth soul ring of Princess Jiujiu, but in fact, this soul skill is not easy to use. The power of Star Crown Wuhun is far superior to that of ordinary Wuhun, even some top Wuhun can not be compared with it, but behind this, Star Crown Soul Master has paid hard practice. The cultivation of the Star Crown Soul Master can only be carried out at night. It must absorb the power of the stars to enhance its own cultivation, and any soul skill it performs needs to absorb the power of the stars and store it in itself before it can be used. Among them, the one that needs to absorb star power for the longest time is the guardian of stars. It takes a full 18 days for the 18 Venus to be absorbed,Kamado bbq grill, and the power of the Star Guardian will continue to improve with the use of the Soul Master's cultivation. It is an extremely rare powerful skill that is not affected by the quality of the Soul Ring itself. But its drawbacks are also very obvious, after using once, it takes at least 18 days to use again.

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