Educated Youth of Kitchen Goddess in the 1970s

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Description: It doesn't matter if you have a boyfriend. Your boyfriend should not be admitted to Shuimu University. As long as you're not married, you can start all over again. He Yongnian calmly held her thermos cup and said. Other professors: "…" Is this bullying them for not having school apprentices? Hu Ziqin: "..!!" Su Huaixia: "…" Professor He, your idea is too advanced. "Xiaoxia, come to our teacher and I'll take care of you." Xu Shaochang looked at Su Huaixia affectionately. Su Huaixia:.. No, I really have a boyfriend. She said with shame on her face. He Yongnian also retorted and quickly added: "My boyfriend is more handsome and more intelligent than your apprentice." So, brother Xu, you go and find a better one. He Yongnian's calm face did not believe that anyone could be more handsome and intelligent than his apprentice. He still believes in one thing, and he has both. It's impossible. Little girl, Xu Shaochang is still very good. You can reconsider it. He Yongnian said with a serious expression that he was not in line with his status. ? ? Then The old professor, together with his beloved disciple and Hu Ziqin, was coaxed out by several other professors in the room. What the hell? On behalf of Capital University, I'm glad. It's a good thing you're gone. Yang Wenle clapped his hands with a sneer and slammed the door shut. Xu Shaochang wiped his sweat: "Teacher, did we go too far just now?" He Yongnian stared at Xu Shaochang and did not speak, but walked forward in a gloomy manner. Xu Shaochang, who knew He Yongnian very well, knew that his teacher was angry and hurried to catch up: "Teacher, are you unhappy?" He Yongnian stopped and turned to look at Xu Shaochang: "Are you the school grass of our school?" "Huh?"? I think so. Xu Shaochang was asked a little dull, but he was very confident about his appearance. Are there many girls in our school who like you? He Yongnian asked again. Yes "Do you think there is anyone smarter and more handsome than you?" The more he Yongnian asked,Teardrop Pallet Racking, the more angry he became. Xu Shaochang finally knew that he was always concerned about this, and joked: "I think this is just an excuse for other girls." I don't think there is such a person. "Oh.." He Yongnian turned his eyelids up and thought, "then I'll give you two months to take down this girl.". I must see her appear in Shuimu University before the freshmen register. Or you won't be my student. Xu Shaochang: "..?" Hu Ziqin, who could not get a word in edgewise, said: "!!" Why do you look at me like that? Don't you like such a beautiful girl? "Like.." Xu Shaochang once completely ignored Hu Ziqin in the dialogue between teachers and students. Hu Ziqin: Xu Shaochang! You bastard! She was completely shielded from the two people who were concentrating on communicating with her. That's it. Since you like her, go after her. Just chase at the same time, by the way to help the teacher to complete a task. "But.." She may really have a boyfriend, teacher. "Don't you believe in Coase's law?" He Yongnian asked. "Hey?" What is Coase's Law? Recite it. "When the transaction cost is zero, no matter who the property right belongs to, industrial racking systems ,wire mesh decking, the resources will fall into the most valuable use." "That's right." He Yongnian patted Xu Shaochang on the shoulder, "as long as you are not married, you can pursue it boldly." Xu Shaochang is clairvoyant, conceited smile: "Teacher you are at ease, I chase her certainly." # After the weird professor was kicked out. The atmosphere in the room became much calmer. After Su Huaixia decided to follow Yu Dongqing as a graduate student, Yu Dongqing also gave her a scholarship. The scholarship for graduate students is much more than that for undergraduate students, and there is only one graduate student beside Yu Dongqing, Su Huaixia, and no one shares with her. So Yu Dongqing gave Su Huaixia three thousand and five hundred in one breath. Su Huaixia has to sigh with emotion that knowledge is money. She made a net profit of 5,300 yuan just by taking the college entrance examination. Although Ma Weidang did not receive Su Huaixia, he was very satisfied with Wen Xiaorou, a student. Wen Xiaorou's characteristic is that she is careful and skillful. It is very practical to let such students do experiments. And in those months, Wen Xiaorou almost lived and ate with Su Huaixia. Su Huaixia and Wen Xiaorou talked a lot about biological thinking. Wen Xiaorou's starting point is much higher than that of ordinary undergraduates. Ma Weidang is also very happy that the freshmen can have such a high quality. Things have been finished, Ma Weidang is not in a hurry to let Su Huaixia sit down to eat, but wish she could cook a dozen or twenty dishes, so that she can not finish eating and then take some back. Such a craft, where can casually taste it! Su Huaixia knows the thoughts of these professors, also do not shirk, get up to go to the coal ball stove in the yard to fry a few side dishes. She deliberately fired more, and finally let several professors take some back. The night she got the money, Su Huaixia thought for a long time in bed, feeling that she still couldn't waste the two months of summer vacation. It's better to earn the money for a house in these two months, and then move out with your mother. However, she needs to know the market and price of Huajing's house first. Compared with the craziness of later generations, the houses and even the land of Huajing in this era are terribly cheap. The deal was made with the same old land deeds as in the TV show. Therefore, there is no real estate intermediary and other places to integrate house information. Where is the house for sale and how much is it? Su Huaixia is like. Like a headless chicken. At this time, we still need to find professionals. Early the next morning, Su Huaixia dressed up a little, reversed two buses, and came to the small building next to the municipal government. This is the employment guidance office for the educated youth returning to the city. The director of the guidance office is Liu Guoqing,asrs warehouse, the eldest son of Chief Liu, who has been taking care of Su Huaixia and Shen Qing. When Su Huaixia walked into the guidance office, he was confronted by the anxious atmosphere that permeated the whole building.

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