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Description: Chen Caozhi replied calmly, "Didn't the Duke of Ming hear about Wei Wu and Jin Wen?"? Wei Wu Shi Han, Jin Wen Shi Cao, all into the title for the king, plus nine tin, but the whole body did not do the Zen thing, cover for the descendants also. Huan Wen's purple eyes flashed. Chen Caozhi also said very clearly, hoping that he would follow the example of Cao Cao and Sima Zhao, not to proclaim himself emperor, and clear the way for his son to usurp the throne. Huan Wen nodded, pondered for a long time, and said, "I have five sons, Xi, Ji, Xin, Yi, and Wei.". The fourth son, Yi, is foolish. The youngest son, Wei, is only nine years old. The other three sons, Xi, Ji and Xin, who does Chen Xiang think can assist him? "This is a family affair," said Chen Caozhi. *** dare not talk nonsense, as long as Ming Gong set the successor. You should do your best to assist him. Huan Wen was satisfied with Chen Caozhi's answer. Chen Caozhi knew how to advance and retreat, was good at strategy, was prudent and prudent,Sex Enhancement Powder, and had a noble character. Entrusting him to assist his son was like entrusting Liu Bei to Zhuge Liang. Thinking of this, Huan Wen shook his head again and said to himself, "This comparison is not appropriate. How can my son be as fatuous as Liu Chan? How can the Huan Dynasty be beheaded in the second generation?" He also thought that Cao Cao and Sima Zhao were both princes, and that although he was now in power in the government and the public, his title was only that of a county official. He asked, "If I ask the court for nine tin, how does Chen Xiang think the court will react?" Chen Caozhi said, "Although the Duke of Ming is famous for his prestige.". But there are still people in the court who have not been served by guests. If you ask for nine tin, you will be so fierce that you will be afraid that it will be difficult to get along with them. Huan Wen knew that what Chen Caozhi said was true. If he asked for nine tin, it would be a sign of usurping the throne. He would be unanimously opposed by the Nandu clan. The southern cremation headed by Lu Shi would also oppose it. Although Longkang Huan's power was strong,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, it had not yet reached the point of deterring the cremation in the north and south, so he could not go his own way. Huan Wen narrowed his purple eyes and said, "Chen Xiang, the present emperor has no way, not to mention anything else. If he wants to accept Lu's daughter into the palace, he is fatuous." "Looking at Chen Caozhi, Chen Caozhi frowned and his face looked angry. Huan Wen nodded secretly and said to himself," Because of Lu's daughter's entry into the palace, Chen's loyalty to the Jin royal family has disappeared. Very good. " "I want to do what Yi Yin and Huo Guang have done," he continued. "I want to depose the emperor and not choose a virtuous monarch. How about that?" Yi Yin was a virtuous minister of the Shang Dynasty. He was imprisoned in the Tonggong Palace because of the misbehavior of Emperor Taijia. When Emperor Zhao of the Han Dynasty died, the new emperor, Liu He, was dissolute and immoral. Huo Guang reported to the Empress Dowager and summoned Liu He to the Chengming Hall of Weiyang Palace to read the memorial. On that day, Liu He was deposed and Liu Bing was made emperor "Sima Yi is really bad," said Chen Caozhi. "He wants to enter the palace. If he hadn't been faithful, he would have been driven to death. It doesn't matter if such a fatuous monarch without a wink was abolished." Nodding his head, he said, "Today's emperors are acting in an absurd way. They don't look like human kings. The actions of Ming Gong Xingyi and Huo are in line with the people's will. That's not true.". There is no way to establish great authority and suppress the four seas. Huan Wen was overjoyed. Chen Caozhi said every word to his heart and asked, "Emperor, what should we do to abolish it?" "I'll go back to Jiankang tomorrow, Nonoxynol 9 Factory ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer," said Chen Caozhi thoughtfully. I was ordered by the Duke of Ming to consult with the assistant minister. "Very good, very good," said Huan Wen. Chen Caozhi asked, "The Duke of Ming wants to do what Yi and Huo did, so who will be the new king?". It seemed that Huan Wen had been planning this for more than a day or two. He replied, "Sima Yu, the King of Langya, should be able to serve the people." Chen Caozhi nodded his head and said to himself, "Sima Yu, the king of Langya, is a coward. Although his mind is tranquil.". However, there is no general strategy to save the world, and Sima Yu has always had a good relationship with Huan Wen, so it is most appropriate to be a puppet emperor. Huan Wen was full of ambition and said, "I have done what Yi and Huo did.". "If the Northern Expedition is successful again, who dares to obstruct Wang Jue and ask for nine tin?" He added, "When Chen Xiang comes back from this great feat, he should report to the imperial court that he will be rewarded with a higher official position. Unfortunately, some of his achievements cannot be made known to the world. Otherwise, he would be worthy of several promotions.". Therefore, only after the success of the Northern Expedition of Xianbei can we reward them according to their merits. Chen Caozhi's face shows the color of disappointment, if not obvious utilitarian heart urgent, how to win the trust of Huan Wen! Sure enough, Huan Wen comforted him with a smile and said, "There's no need for Chen Xiang to be disappointed. If he can't be promoted to several grades, he can be promoted to one grade. I will show you that you are the sixth grade minister Chenglang. In two years, you will be promoted from the ninth grade of Xifu to the sixth grade minister Chenglang. Even the children of powerful families are rare. There must be many dissidents in the government and the public.". However, I strongly recommend it. Who dares to speak out against it? "Thank you, Ming Gong," said Chen Caozhi. "I have one more word to say. I hope Ming Gong will examine it." "Go ahead," said Huan Wen. Chen Caozhi said, "I have heard that the Duke of Ming said that wine could be drunk and soldiers could be used in Jingkou. The Duke of Ming wanted to launch a northern expedition to settle the fate of heaven and earth.". Shan Xifu soldiers are afraid to have a full chance of winning. Huan Wen raised his thick eyebrows, his purple eyes burning, and said, "It doesn't matter if Chen Xiang says so." Chen Caozhi said, "It is foolish to think that the Duke of Ming should establish the throne as soon as possible, and then support him carefully, so as to avoid the weak and strong ministers in the future. Once he establishes the throne, he should consolidate his position as soon as possible. It is better to make him rebuild the army of the Northern Government and then make contributions in the Northern Expedition.". Huan Wen frowned and thought deeply. Chen Caozhi was right. His three adult sons, Huan Xi, Huan Ji, and Huan Xin, did not have much prestige. Huan Xi was now the governor of Yuzhou, and Huan Ji was the governor of Jingzhou. They were all six-grade officials. Huan Xin was eighteen years old and had not yet held an official position. Huan-Wen preferred his eldest son, Huan-Xi, to be the elder rather than the virtuous, as long as he was assisted by a loyal and reliable minister. Huan Wen had already made up his mind to take the throne, but he said, "Most of the old troops of the Beifu Army belong to the Kui and Geng clans. It's not easy to rebuild the Beifu Army in Jingkou. What's a good plan for Chen Xiang?" Chen Caozhi said, "It is precisely because the Geng clan is very influential in the army of the Northern Government that it is imperative for the Duke of Ming to rebuild the army of the Northern Government. If the Duke of Ming wants to achieve great things, the Geng clan is a big obstacle. The Duke of Ming sends his son to rebuild the army of The Northern Government, which can divide the military power of the Li clan. Of course, the Duke of Ming cannot exclude all the old generals of The Northern Government, such as Fan Wang and Fan Xuanping. The Duke Ming Gong Shizi Jianbei Fu Bing gets twice the result with half the effort Fan Wang, the governor of the two prefectures of Anbei, Xu and Chong, was demoted to a commoner by Huan Wen because of the failure of the Northern Expedition. Huan Wen wanted to extend his influence to Yuzhou and Xuzhou, the gateways of Jiankang, but Qingxi and yuan Zhen still firmly held the two military posts of North Corps Commander and West Corps Commander. Although Huan Wen demoted Fan Wang, the effect was not significant. Huan Wen asked, "Can Fan Xuanping be used by me?" "As Ming Gong knows," said Chen Caozhi, "I befriended Fan Ning,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, the son of Fan Gong, for the sake of the family. Fan Gong has no reason to refuse, and Cao Zhi is willing to lobby for Ming Gong. ? pioneer-biotech.com

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