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Description: After receiving many opinions, from creation to performance, Fu Yiran and Lin Xiyue also really worked hard, and performed many performances, but the audience did not know the goods, the two were forced to announce their solo flight. At the farewell concert, the two relied on solid sensationalism to incite many thieves to cry. The scene was chaotic for a time. Fu Lin was so excited that he made "As long as there are people listening to us, we will be able to sing." "Life will certainly go on singing," the declaration of pride, obviously they did not anticipate the consequences of this sentence. After they finished speaking, the thieves at the scene were suddenly silent, and then they scrambled to squeeze out of the performance scene, fearing that they would take a slow step and be caught back as fans. Although the thieves do not buy it, but Fu Yiran and Lin Xiyue have firmly remembered their declaration, has not given up the creation, until today is the itch, in the bedroom hall to perform one of the scenes of the old joke created a year ago. The whole story is like this, the two of them look back with great emotion, Mo Weitian only felt a cold from the soles of his feet, and then up to the limbs and bones, not for anything else, just Fu Yiran promised to take time to perform all the works since the establishment of the group for their only fans. And this "only" fan, unfortunately,brushed stainless steel sheet, is him. Looked at Qi Yibei, Qi Yibei immediately with a warning look, "dare to pull me into the water, consider the consequences first!" This is the message that Mo Weitian read from his eyes. Qi Yibei.. Eh Very sympathetic to Mo Weitian's experience, these two what absolutely what pride, by no means ordinary people can accept, think of here, Qi Yibei also some fear,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, if not just see the signs of Mo Weitian thrown out, I'm afraid now even their own have to suffer. Just when Qi Yibei rejoiced secretly, the corner of his eye aimed at the peerless Shuangbiao.. Cough ? Double pride! It's moving out of the yard. Where are you going? It's not fun to have thunder in the sky and fire in the earth. It's better to keep a close eye on it. Without looking back, Fu Yiran said, "I'll take Xiyue to the East Palace for a stroll.". Don't worry, don't go far. Don't worry? She did not say that it was all right, she suddenly came to such a sentence, but Qi Yibei was more worried, after a little meditation, pulled Mo Weitian to chase out, but there was no figure of two people. "Where are we going?" Lin Xiyue's face was full of excitement. "Go and step on the plate now?" "Of course not." Fu Yiran explained as he hurried along, "I can't step on it now. Tomorrow I'll go to pay my respects to the empresses behind me. You dress up as a palace maid and follow me. When I hold them all back, you can act." Lin Xiyue is greatly admire, nod repeatedly, ask again next: "What do we do now then?" "Now?" Fu Yiran smirked twice, "now take you to act first, stainless steel welded pipe ,304 stainless steel wire, there is a place, I want to go for a long time." The place where Fu Yiran had died for a long time was not elsewhere, but the residence of Xue Xuanning, who had always spent a lot of money in the East Palace, Ning Xuexuan. It looks very ploppy. Looking at Ning Xuexuan not far away, Lin Xiyue looked around and commented, "Who lives in it?" "One of Lao Qi's concubines." "Concubine?" Lin Xiyue couldn't help laughing and said, "People say that a wife is not as good as a concubine. How about that?"? Your first wife has been angry with your concubine, hasn't she? "She dares!" Fu Yiran dug his ears, "I don't know, she fought badly with another concubine, but also made a human life, such a snake scorpion woman old Qi can also want it?"? I don't want to mention two abandoned women. With a sympathetic look on her face, Lin Xiyue said, "They have been married for less than two months, and they have become abandoned women."? It's pitiful. "Poor?" Fu Yiran sneered and said, "They have only themselves to blame. There are even more pitiful ones." "Oh?" Did not satisfy Lin Xiyue's curiosity. Fu Yiran leaned over and whispered in her ear, "The most miserable thing is that the two of them are still babies, and when they are still girls, they become abandoned women. Do you think they are miserable?" "What?" Lin Xiyue this does not believe, "how is this possible!"! It is well known that the prince of the Jin Dynasty indulges in debauchery. How can he let go of a beautiful woman like Yan Peiruo? Or.. "She lowered her voice and said," Is Lao Qi really.. No way ?” "*** you!" Fu Yiran pushed Lin Xiyue, "he is very normal, do not know how normal!" "Ah!" Lin Xiyue grabbed Fu Yiran's arm with a scream, "You, you, you, you.." Fu Yiran threw his arm away with a look of disgust. "Go away if you lose your mind." Lin Xiyue put her arms around Fu Yiran's neck and dragged her into a rockery. Pointing to her nose, she said, "Tell me the truth!"! Have you lost your virginity? "Lose you a big head!" Fu Yiran opened Lin Xiyue's finger. He patted his chest and said, "My uncle is as pure as ice and jade." "Put P!" Lin Xiyue couldn't help but spurt out a dirty word, "pure and pure, do you know that Lao Qi is very normal and doesn't know how normal it is?"? Hurry up and tell the truth, don't make meaningless resistance! Fu Yiran suddenly felt a little hot, fanned with his hand, looked at Lin Xiyue's eyes, snickered and hooked her fingers, "in fact, it's like this, like that, like this..". Understand ?” Lin Xiyue's mouth was wide open, but his expression could not hide the color of excitement. "Well, you are a dead girl, but you have maimed the prince of the Great Jin Dynasty!" "What mutilation!" Fu Yiran curled his lips and said, "He picked the leader.". How dare you lie to me! Lin Xiyue said jokingly, "He picked the leader, and you have already tried to kiss him on your own initiative?" Fu Yiran refused to answer with a straight face, but the corners of his mouth could not help rising. You have a crush on Lao Qi. "This is a serious question, and I have to think about it." Fu leisurely sighed, "I also want to go out of the palace to find my brothers,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, if stay in the palace.". I'm afraid I'll never see it again. Lin Xiyue listened to this joke heart greatly reduced, "your brothers are scattered, how to find?" Fu Yiran straightened out his slightly messy clothes without raising his head. "I'm going to ask Lao Qi to help me pay attention to it. How can they find a good place?"? Probably went somewhere else to open a mountain. ?

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