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Description: And the only thing he can rely on is Qin Tian, but since the Qin family turmoil, he knows that Qin Tian is not good at all, now let alone Qin Tian can live out of the Kunlun Mountains, even if he lives out, can not fight against the Qin family, now the Qin family is no longer the former Qin family. Even the plaque on the gate of the Qin family has been changed to'Qin House '. Qin Zhantian is now the founding minister of Tianya Imperial City, and the disciples of the Qin family have become the army of the Qin Family. Zhang Dafu sighed a long sigh and began to make an abacus. Looking at the accounts, he felt nervous. The taxes were getting heavier and heavier. If it went on like this, Furong Restaurant would not be able to operate at all. Boss, three grilled fish and a catty of beef. Zhang Dafu raised his head and showed a professional smile. Just when he wanted the new waiter to entertain him, his eyes were dull. Looking at the young man on the seat, he felt a great shock in his heart and could not help trembling. "Qin, young master, you, are back." His voice was full of excitement and shock. Qin Tiandu was shocked by the joy in his eyes. He looked at Zhang Dafu and said with a smile, "Shopkeeper, your smile is still so disgusting." As soon as Qin Tian opened his mouth, Zhang Dafu immediately ran up with a smile, his eyes looked around, his face changed, and he pulled Qin Tian to the backyard. Looking at Zhang Dafu's expression, it was estimated that there was something very important, and Qin Tian smiled and followed him all the time. Arriving in the backyard,calcium nitrate sol, Zhang Dafu's face changed and he said heavily, "Young master, please leave Qinghe City quickly. You can't go back to the Qin family." "Can't go back?" Qin Tian frowned, in the Kunlun Mountains for three years is not to step back to the Qin family fair and square, severely hit them in the face? Hearing what Zhang Dafu said, Qin Tian was immediately alerted to whether something important had happened. He immediately asked, "Did something happen?" "Did something happen to Monray?" "Uncle Meng, he.. he.." Zhang Dafu showed a sad look. He gritted his teeth and said, "He fell down the back cliff. His life is uncertain." "What?" "Boom" Qin Tian's mind suddenly exploded,Magnesium Sulphate price, the strong killing machine suddenly released, the strong momentum of the body instantly melted the thick snow around, quickly turned into white gas evaporated out. Zhang Dafu's face was pale, his heart contracted, and his whole body could not move. The cold sweat on his forehead burst out in an instant and rolled down. He choked with sobs in his mouth and said, "Young master, Rao, Rao, life.." Looking at Zhang Dafu's painful face, Qin Tian's eyebrows loosened, and the fierce killing machine disappeared immediately. He stepped out and grabbed Zhang Dafu's collar. His eyes were like a black hole in the dark. Out of the cold awn that pierces the soul "Come on, what happened?" Zhang Dafu was breathing heavily, and his chest was heaving. Qin Tian's intention to kill almost crushed him to death. Seeing Qin Tian's cold eyes, his Adam's apple rolled over. He immediately said, "The Yang family forced Yunman to marry. Yunman refused. Meng Lei vowed to protect him to the death. They fled to the back cliff and were shocked down by the elder's palm. They didn't know whether they were alive or dead." "Qin Xiangtian!" Qin Tian looked up and roared, and the joints of his whole body crackled. If it hadn't been for his inner restraint, the momentum released from his body would have shocked Zhang Dafu to death in an instant. Clenching his teeth, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,caustic calcined magnesite, frowning, his pupils opened angrily, bloodshot, angry, ten thousand feet of anger formed a sea of fire, Qin Tian's heart suddenly shook, nine days above the sound of the dragon suddenly sounded. Then he asked, "Where is Yunman now?" "Yun Man was forced to be framed by Qin Kuang. He was sent to Tianya City yesterday. I'm afraid he has arrived now.." "Qin Kuang!" Cold voice like the sea of ice, let Zhang Dafu shudder, suddenly a cold wind blowing, Qin Tian has disappeared in place. After Qin Tian left, Zhang Dafu could not bear the heavy load. He fell down on the ground. His eyes were shocked. He murmured in a low voice: "Too.. too.. too strong." The Qin family was decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, jubilant, red lanterns hung high, and people coming in and out had happy smiles on their faces. The Qin family is the only one in the city of Qinghe that can climb up the KMT. Everyone couldn't figure out why Yang Lin, the third son of the Yang family, was an amazing genius. How could he take a fancy to Yunman, who had only six orders of agility? Moreover, Yunman was timid by nature. Practicing was useless to her. She dared not even fight with the most basic people. I really don't know what Yang Lin sees in her. The Qin family doesn't care what Yang Lin likes about Yunman, as long as Yang Lin likes it. The seven cities in the northwest are powerful. Yang Hong wants to unify the Dynasty in the future, but it's a matter of time. As the most outstanding third son of Yang Hong's four sons, the future is bound to be infinite. Yang Lin can see the cloud man, the Qin family is naturally very happy. Qin's door, a cold wind blowing, a long string of phantoms gathered in one, Qin Tian coldly staring at the word'Qin Fu ', his face showed a strong killing machine. ———————————— Like the brother, you can see, not bad! Chapter 73, kill, kill, kill! Thanks to'My code was stolen ',' Maple Leaf Autumn ', the two brothers urged to change the ticket, thanks to'Holding the Cloud' 588 reward, thank you, the calf is very grateful. Well, 12000 more tickets, 8 12000 more tickets, you are pushing me to a dead end, if you can rush to the home page click list, I am willing to set foot on this dead end, even if both hands are useless, tomorrow will be 12000 words, the calf will do what he says!!! ———————————————— The cold wind is bleak and there are few passers-by. In front of the gate of Qin Mansion in the north of the city, Qin Tian glanced coldly at the word'Qin Mansion 'and stepped in. The strong killing machine was released, which made people feel like they were in prison. They were so frightened that they couldn't get close to him. Who are you? "Don't you know this is Qin Fu?" The two guards felt the strong smell of danger and immediately pointed at Qin Tianli and criticized him. Is Qin Xiangtian inside? Cold a word to say, the two guards immediately feel cold all over the shiver, the language of the cold gas, let them feel dyspnea, extremely uncomfortable, but this also provoked them, two broadswords out of the scabbard,Magnesium Oxide powder, broadsword a wave, angrily drink, "who are you?"? What can I do for the Great Elder? ?

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