Jian Dao Tian Xin

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Description: But it was Fang Guxiang who had a kind heart He put away the gourd and said "Sun Yichen the business is not benevolent and righteous Here!"! This windmill copper ring is a friend here then! Words arm a raise a group of golden light slowly thrown to Sun Yichen Sun Yichen subconsciously stretched his arms and grasped them Then he jumped up and squeaked in his mouth "Fang Guxiang!"! See you later! Fang Guxiang smiled coldly and said "If it weren't for this windmill copper ring I'm afraid there would be no future" By this time a few fierce seedlings in Taniguchi had already gone without a trace leaving only a group of heroes Sima Wei said to the others "The old Qijue monster has not come out Catalysts and Additives for a long time He must be waiting for work in the valley or arrange some vicious plot" Zhuge Lan also said "He may be relying on the'geographical advantage ' thinking of the'floating sand ditch' and the'ten thousand poisonous gullies' to trap us!" "It doesn't matter much" said Fang Guxiang heroically "Since we're here he won't be able to run away" "Laughing Raksha" Xiahou Ying had not spoken for a long time He smiled coldly at the moment and said disdainfully "The Qijue Valley is full of falsehood and falsehood The Qijue Old Monster is completely playing the coloratura The tactics of attacking the heart have a false name!" Sima Kui frowned and said "What do you think of that Miss Xiahou" Xiahou Ying said with a smile "It's true that there is a layer of floating sand on the ground of the floating sand ditch It's not a trap Jedi but it's used by the seven old demons to spread a layer of leaves to frighten people It makes people think that it's really a floating sand Jedi and a trap to trap people!" Sima Wei could not help laughing and said "I don't know how many heroes and heroines have flinched" "In that case" said Zhuge Lan "so are the vines on the two sides of the ditch and on the stone walls" "The first day Ji yuan took me into the mountain" said Sima Wei "I saw that there was no difference between poisonous and non-poisonous vines" "What about the Ten Thousand Poison Gully" Asked Zhuge Lan "It's true" said Sima Wei "But the poisons are all locked up in a cave They're not born in the gully" "Yes" said Zhuge Lan! If they were born in the gully wouldn't those animals run away freely Even if they were gathered in the gully! "If you don't go into the valley I'm afraid those devils will slip away" urged Yan Liang the impatient "King Kong of the Eyes" "Yes" said Sima Wei in surprise "there's no movement in the valley It's very strange" With these words he first ran to the valley A group of heroes also rose one after another and rushed into the valley The lofty and lofty Qijue Hall Empty No one Sima Kui a group of heroes can not help but look at each other Anxious and angry Zhuge Lan said "What a shameless old devil! He has the smelly airs of the Hall of Seven Wonders!" As she spoke she raised her palm and patted it on the plaque of the Hall of Seven Wonders "Eh!" The crowd could not help following her eyes But seeing that there were sixteen more big characters on the horizontal flat of the abbot Yu Chang in the "Hall of Seven Wonders" which read "You go into the Miao territory I go into the Central Plains and the overlord of Wulin stays for him" When Sima Wei saw this he couldn't help but be surprised and said "Not good! This is the handwriting left by Qijue Demon King with his finger force in the air This old demon has gone to the Central Plains! A group of heroes also can not help but big accident can not make a sound Zhuge Lan shook his fist and said "Wherever he goes we won't forgive him!" "Where will this old monster go" Xiahou Ying asked resentfully Xiong Hualong scratched his hair and said "Will you go back to the Yinyang Valley of Lushan Mountain with Fu's mother and son" "It's quite possible China Chemicals Suppliers " said Chunyu Ci Sima Wei shook his head and said with a sigh "This demon is alone in the Central Plains It must be another killing and robbery This is our fault for not taking strict precautions" Zhuge Lan said anxiously "What's the use of saying these words of regret We have to try to stop it" Sima Wei hesitated for a moment and then said "The best thing to do now is to catch up with them and not allow them to enter the Central Plains or to annihilate them before they have a foothold" "The cunning rabbit has three holes" said Fang Guxiang "I don't know where they're going" "I'm just worried that I don't know where they're going" said Sima Wei "The old way" said Zhuge Lan "is to divide our forces into three groups Whoever catches up with us will inform the other two groups and then strike together" All the heroes nodded in agreement "But" said Sima Jie "how do you divide the hands" "I'll take the middle road" said Zhuge Lan Sima Kui laughed and said "I too" Without waiting for him to finish Zhuge Lan hurriedly shook his hand and said "No!"! You go all the way to the left! Sima Wei wanted to take the middle road meaning to get closer to his lover Zhuge Lan When he saw Zhuge Lan's opposition he blushed and said "Do Dyes and Pigments you have a reason" "Of course" said Zhuge Lan "Do you think the'Qijue Old Demon 'will hook up with the'White-haired King Kong' Fu Wuniang and the'Romantic King Kong 'Fu Shaoling and the three villains will meet Will they be strong enough to see" "It's very difficult" said Sima Wei Zhuge Lan clapped his hands and said "Look since we're divided into three groups we have to match our strengths properly Once we meet we won't suffer losses If" If It is not easy for her to say "If the masters walk together" she is afraid of offending all the heroes But it was Fang Guxiang who spoke quickly and shouted "Yes you two are too strong to get together It's better to separate Anyway it's a long time to get together" His words made all the heroes laugh together Zhuge Lan's pink face a pair of star eyes not to the "Jade King Kong" Sima Wei glanced past "Yes" said Sima Kui! Yes! Sister Lan said it very well Under the distribution the heroes are divided into three groups The first way Zhuge Lan "wind dust wine beggar" Xiong Huayang "laughing Raksha" Xiahou Ying The second way Sima Wei Sima Gang "Dwarf King Kong" Yang Gao The third way Fang Guxiang Yan Liang Chunyu Ci Lang Er but also with a chaotic "power King Kong" Meng Bang Sima Wei walked on the left side with "horse" as the record and the horse's head was the direction Fang Guxiang still takes the wine gourd as a record and the mouth of the gourd points to the direction Apart from Xiong Hualong and Fang Guxiang who were filled with wine the heroes did not even eat so they went their separate ways Zhuge Lan and his party of three went out of the valley from the middle "Laughing Raksha" Xiahou Ying said with a shallow smile "Sister what do you mean by choosing the middle road" Zhuge Lan said with a smile "I want to take advantage of the middle road" "Wind dust wine beggar" Xiong Hualong took a sip of wine and said "What's the advantage" ? globalchemmall.com

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