Lingxiao Road

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Description: Seeing that the sages agreed, Haotian stood up and said, "In this way, the name of the four poles of heaven and earth has been officially established.". It's just that I still hope you can think carefully about the candidates for the four poles of heaven and earth. So far today, the gathering of the six sages in our heavenly court is also a rare event. The Jade Pool has prepared drinks and refreshments in the Jade Pool Hall, but I still hope that all the sages will come. The six sages also knew that such a gathering was very rare, and now after listening to Haotian's words, they all nodded. Haotian did not hesitate to lead the six sages to the Jade Pool Hall. It is also a wonderful thing to discuss and realize the Tao here. Since the Lich War, the sorcery clan has been hard to see the sorcery clan blood in other places except that there is blood along the Gongshui River. At this moment, it is the growing human race that gradually occupies the fairy world. The footsteps of the human race have once again stepped out of the East China Sea and begun to explore farther places. The blood of the sorcery clan is hard to see. Similarly, the great demons of the flood and famine have gradually ceased to live. Some are still entrenched in the poor mountains and rivers, some are deep underground, and some are hiding in various places. What's more, they are far away from the flood and famine land by the fragments of the flood and wilderness broken by the sorcery during the war. Fuxi, once a demon saint, was sitting on a nameless mountainside frowning at the moment. On the mountainside, there was only a straw shed that could only shelter from the wind and rain. There is nothing else. He was reflecting on why the demon clan would fall so quickly in the land of flood and famine. Witchcraft? No. To know that the fall is not only the power of the demon clan,DIN screw plug, but also has several ancestral witches! Terran? That's right. Must be the Terrans! The human race is a natural Taoist body. In addition, the human race is created by the Taoist people. Therefore, the luck of the human race must be eternal! For a long time, Fuxi's frowning brows just opened. However, even so, where is their own Tao machine? For a moment, Fuxi's face showed a trace of loss. The saint,die casting parts, the saint, how on earth can become the same existence as the saint! Think about the people who sat and talked with me at the beginning, how many people can live to the present? Nu Wa has achieved the way of the sage, but it is no longer Nu Wa, but the emperor sage. The corners of Fuxi's mouth crossed a wry smile, otherwise, how could the human race have suffered such a great disaster. How can the demon clan bear such a big cause and effect, the cause and effect between people and demons, and how can it be resolved? Fuxi stood up helplessly in his eyes and looked at the broken land in the distance. It was once the prehistoric land of the Lich! However, under the way of heaven, there is no constant protagonist! Therefore, the Lich was defeated and withdrew from the prehistoric land! Just like the original Dragon Han robbery, titanium machining parts ,deep draw stamping, it was because of the disappearance of the three clans that the rise of the Lich came into being. But now, it is precisely because of the defeat of the Lich, the human race will gradually flourish, began to gradually occupy the whole prehistoric land! But between the shemale such huge cause and effect, if is really the human race has occupied the flood and famine earth, the demon race when where to go? Could it be that only by relying on the existence of the emperor and the sage can the demon clan continue to survive. All of a sudden, Fuxi's mind was agitated, but he was worried about the future of the demon clan. Suddenly, Fuxi, who was in a trance, heard a voice. The voice was so familiar that Fuxi was shocked that it turned out to be the Taoist who had spoken of himself as a master and apprentice. Listen to that voice to say only: "Road machine is difficult to appear, should go to Lingxiao!" "Lingxiao, Lingxiao." Fuxi murmured softly, but he had never heard of the name of Lingxiao. Gein, although the name of Haotian is Lingxiao Palace, it has not been announced to heaven and earth. Even when Haotian ascended the throne and married the two daughters of Yaochi and Xi, the name of Lingxiao was only known by a few people. Where on earth is the place of Lingxiao that can make my machine appear? Fuxi soliloquized in his heart, but he was also somewhat shocked. At that moment, the whole world was suddenly awakened by a bell. Then came the words that seemed to be supreme, echoing and ringing between heaven and earth! "From this day on, I, the God of Heaven, am also the Supreme of Lingxiao, and I should live in Lingxiao Palace!" "Hm?" Fuxi raised his head and looked at the place of heaven, "This is actually the Haotian, Lingxiao, Lingxiao Supreme and Lingxiao Palace!" Fuxi's eyes were full of incredible color. Immediately, Fuxi laughed: "My way can be done, my way can be done!" Between the words, has disappeared, but is to go to the place of heaven, Lingxiao Palace! (Please recommend!!!) Big Literature [Chapter 9 of the main text: Lingxiao's words of enlightenment and Fuxi's understanding of the mind] (Great Literature () In Lingxiao Palace, all the sages have left. Haotian has been thinking for a long time, but he still decides to reveal the name of Lingxiao Supreme to the world! But at this time, there was a wave in the sea of Haotian. It turned out to be a message from the incarnation of nature. Looking at the message, Haotian smiled at the corners of his mouth. It was really God who helped me, but I didn't expect that I had just summoned all the immortals to live in heaven, and the incarnation of nature had let my subordinates come to me with the existence of quasi-holy cultivation. More unexpectedly, Fuxi would come to Lingxiao Palace. Fuxi came here for nothing else,metal stamping parts, but for his own Taoist machine. Haotian was stunned and knew immediately. Fuxi's Taoist machine is not in the human race! Counting the time, the human race is also the day when the three emperors of heaven, earth and man were born.

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