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Description: "Bah." "Mmm." "North, I can't guess your mind more and more. Are you sincere to me?" "Silly words.". I'm really angry to say such a silly thing again. Wu Yan's face rubbed forward, and the fragrant wind in her mouth pressed close to my face and murmured, "Oh, one." "Be careful-" At the moment when she lost her center of gravity and leaned over, the BMW was also dizzy, like drinking wine, slanting to the middle of the road with her eyes closed, saying that it was late, that was fast, a white car was doing a big overtaking action without knowing what was good or bad, rushing forward as if no one was watching, Wu Yan hit the steering wheel in a panic, and the car swished over the pink face of the BMW. Wu Yan and I both broke out in a cold sweat, and the air flow in the car was so tense that it could spark. Wu Yan patted her chest with her hand, turned her head and raised her eyebrows shyly, not daring to look left and right again. Chapter 4 Xiao Lei blinked his eyes mischievously, and the clouds and fog that had just shrouded his head disappeared in an instant. Girls are like this, say sad, the sky falls down half, say happy, it is Yangko and drama. Sentiment falls and rises, ebbs and flows, more unpredictable than bull and bear markets. It's killing me. When Wu Yan was absorbed in her gaze without squinting, I was peeping through the dark brown glass at the dull and indifferent street lamps and the distant and mysterious night. It's impossible to say that I haven't thought about where Wu Yan is going to take me so late, KTV? Bar? Tea bar?.. I thought lazily that anything was possible and nothing mattered. BMW drove straight into a senior residential area, Wu Yan skillfully parked the car in the garage, after the engine was turned off, she took my shoulder into the elevator. The elevator lady in red uniform smiled and bowed and asked, "What floor?" Wu Yan was too lazy to take her eyelids and answered coldly: "The fifteenth floor." From behind, I looked at the little girl in her early twenties with a big ass, standing upright in front of the floor indicator, her head drooping slightly, her short hair showing her white neck. It's so late to stand here like a flagpole, and most of the people you serve are rich and powerful dignitaries. It's not easy for others to think that you are worse than a dog. I can't help feeling a little pity. Wu Yan eerily cracked her vivid lips and said with a smile as if no one was watching: "Do you have any ideas?" I say: "Beautiful woman of sweet car, call who who does not have an idea." She pointed to the little girl in front of her and pouted. I squeezed her finger hard, meaning to fool around. Wu Yan bit my ear and whispered, "Don't pay any attention to her. Don't look so dutiful. In fact, I don't know how many times I've had an abortion." "Don't mess with people." "I have no quarrel. Why should I spoil her? I heard." After speaking, Wu Yan proudly raised her head, impact beam tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, meaning that you look down on this girl. Wu Yan took my hand, spread her legs, relaxed and leaned on the wall of the elevator mirror, but her eyes clung to me. Come here, unless the fool (obviously I am not a fool), has a confused and uneasy premonition of what will happen next, and has an uncontrollable tension all over his body. The moment I wait is the moment you wait, isn't it? "Mmm." Wu Yan took my hand and pulled me into another world. The house is an ordinary house, about one hundred and sixty or seventy square meters, with wide windows, at least twice as wide as the windows of ordinary homes. The outside is deep and serene, like a drawing board decorated with stars and the first quarter moon looming in the clouds like a virgin, which makes people relaxed and happy. After Wu Yan entered the door, she did not turn on the light. She bent down with one hand to pull open the boots, and the other hand still held my hand firmly. She shook her feet back and forth, and the boots fell to the ground with a bang. I also stepped on the shoes (you can rest assured that after the last disgrace, there will be no more flaws in my socks), so my feet walked out of the shoes boldly. It landed gracefully on the soft carpet. She led me, and I followed her, silently, through the darkness of the night from room to room. The moonlight is like water. After the pupils have adapted to the darkness, they can distinguish the things in the room through the silver brilliance. In the center of the room, there is a big bed two meters wide. The light pink bedspread is covered with snowy lilies, which are lifelike and fragrant. Wu Yan dragged me to the bedside. She threw herself on the bed, and my body, with the force coming from her hands, was caught off guard and lying on her body, one hand being pulled tightly by Wu Yan's five fingers, the other hand was falling on a soft and bulging chest. Subconsciously, I wanted to take my hand away from my chest. Wu Yan guided me to insert my hand under my clothes. Her body trembled and her mouth murmured: "Say you want me." "I.." "Say you want me." I.. I want you. Her undulating body was getting hotter and hotter, her breath was heavy and seductive, and her twisting and rubbing slowly filled a very seductive magnetic field, which stirred my body uncontrollably to produce some kind of uncontrollable reaction. Forgot which book has such a sentence: Men are made up of material and spiritual, they are not only the destination of animal nature, but also the germination of angels, so they are all experiencing a struggle, that is, the struggle between sexual love and spiritual love. After having sex for the first time, my sexual desire was like a crater that had been opened. I had a stronger desire. I always wanted to do a real job with people in a sober state. Of course, this was the same as doing other work, or receiving a comfortable massage. It was best to let me feel the taste without any psychological burden. Can and Wu Yan dry, the heart more or less played a discount, although this work is happy, but a little difficult,precision welded tubes, after all, is to take the body and part of the spiritual freedom to exchange. The situation has not allowed me to do too much consideration, Wu Yan's legs have been wrapped around my waist.

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