Not as soft and cute as her.

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Description: Her words were urgent and quick, and a long string of words came out. Yan Fang didn't react at all. For a long time, Le Zi did not hear his response. Across the phone, Le Zi did not know Yan Fang's expression, but the silence did make her a little uneasy. Le Zi stiffly pursed his lips, and his expression was somewhat unnatural. She. Is it.. Too much control? "Wait." The other end finally spoke. Yan Fang seemed to have moved to a quiet place, and the background sound of noisy games gradually disappeared in their conversation. Only the sound of his shallow breathing came to his ears. The breath was a little short, which made Le Zi reflexively think of the dark corridor on the day of the opening match. He is also breathing so fast. Then Imprint a light kiss on her lips. I'm fine. It's not the game. I had dinner. Yan Fang's voice was calm, but there was a sense of seriousness. Ah Le Zi held up the phone foolishly, and it took him a long time to realize that Yan Fang was answering his question. One by one.. A very serious answer. It was her rapid-fire question, and she could hardly remember it. Yan Fang remembered it in his heart. Yuezi suddenly understood Yan Fang's liking. Very deep, very heavy, is a very weighty sincerity. Le Zi suddenly thanked himself very much. Fortunately, she actively and bravely invited him at the airport that day. Fortunately, I didn't miss him. He quietly blinked the wetness in his eyes,heavy duty warehouse rack, thought of his hoarse voice, and asked him: "Are you smoking?" Yan Fang did not want to lie, nor did he know what to say, so he had to keep silent. Le Zi bit his lips, his voice was soft, as if he was coaxing him and acting like a spoiled child: "Yan Fang,Cantilever Storage rack, can you smoke a little less?" Yan Fang is silent. Actually. He's not really a heavy smoker, but he trains for a long time and sometimes he really needs a pick-me-up. You're not alone, you're still mine! Le Zi pursed his lips and his voice was a little overbearing. OK Yan Fang hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth, but promised her. Cheerful, smiling and a little softhearted, she thought about it and whispered, "You can smoke, just a little less." "Good." Yan Fang did not treat his teammates and fans coldly in the past, and he was very good-tempered. Le Zi's lips are curved. Drink a mouthful of ginger syrup, all sweet into the bottom of my heart. What are you looking for me for? Yan Fang asked. She was reminded by him before she remembered to ask him about Weibo. She quickly opened her mouth: "You forwarded my photos on Weibo and commented on them?" Yan Fang did not care much about the casual words. Didn't you steal the number? Le Zi is still a little incredulous. …… No "Do you want your number to be stolen?" Le Zi asked carefully. Her abacus is very good, the direct announcement of Yan Fang's stolen number can be completely solved, Drive in racking system ,Pallet rack upright, so that the e-sports circle and the net red circle can be quiet down, as for the rabbit, she doesn't care at all. Nope Yan Fang's refusal was crisp and neat. Le Zi was dumbfounded. She tried to persuade him. "No, as long as you say that you have been stolen, the fans of the Internet Red Circle can immediately withdraw from your micro-blog, ah, you see that your current micro-blog is full of.." Joyful, guilty and distressed. In the past, Yan Fang was so cold that he was like a high cloud that could not be touched. She had read Tieba's comments on him, and even though it was so chaotic, there were very few against him in the e-sports circle where trolls and keyboard warriors were everywhere. This man used his strength to shut up all the trolls. But now, because she's being sprayed. She is really distressed. Although the rabbit said she was a fan of the King of Hell, she was actually an entertainment anchor. In other words, many of her fanboys and fangirls don't know Yan Fang. They unscrupulously diss him under his micro-blog, and they really can't stand it. "Yan Fang chuckled and called her name." Lele The night was dark, and his voice was more exciting than the lights. For the first time, I found that my name could be called so. Seduction? She was so fascinated by Yan Fang that she couldn't close her legs!!! Ah, ah, ah, ah. I'm sorry, she's in the hole by voice control! "Huh?" Le Ziji answered foolishly. "Are you not very sensitive to numbers?" I don't know why she blushed a little. Holding her cell phone in one hand and her cheek in the other, she really thought hard for a while before answering: "No, my calculus grade is still A." Yan Fang's voice through the phone, there is a shallow smile: "Really?"? In that case, how can you not know that I am different from that man's fans? The man? A bunny? I don't even want to mention her name. It's really gratifying. Wait Fan Le Zi opened the micro-blog and looked at the bright more than 10 million fans on Yan Fang's homepage and fell into deep silence. For a long time, her ghost-like voice came to Yan Fang's ears: "That.." What's the name of the rabbit? Yan Fang: ".." Le Zi is also a little ashamed, and that rabbit's fans spray for so long, she actually does not know who she is in the end is not very good. But she really didn't pay attention. Yuezi shrunken mouth, some aggrieved Baba: "Her fans call themselves what the rabbit what, I really do not know ah..." Yan Fang sighed, feeling that he would have to take more care of her in the future. "Don't worry about her, I'll solve it." She just needs to be happy, and he'll take care of the rest. Don't.. Lezi thought of his game and quickly refused. Yan Fang took over the matter strongly. There is no doubt about the tone. And handsome fun, I can't close my legs. Le Ziqi went back to the sofa, but still couldn't resist opening Weibo to watch the battle. Yan Fang's micro-blog is thriving. [Daily Confession of Yama!!!] Learn about the good young people of socialism! Come on,Narrow aisle rack, Yama, I'm waiting for WKY to take us to the World Series!!! Win glory for your country, you will shine!! ?

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