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Description: But when they arrived at the flower hall, they saw that all the dishes on the table had been set up, with the same color of plum, green chrysanthemum petals and dark veins, filled with all kinds of rare delicacies on the ground, in the water, in the sky and in the sea. The cold food included preserved rabbit meat, pheasant breast with salted melon, spiced pigeon meat, summer month hemp rotten chicken skin, pickled eggplant, fresh water caltrop kernels mixed with plum ginger, freshly pulled out chicken head kernels and sugar, A book. Shredded bacon. A small dish of land, red and green, yellow and orange, all kinds of attractive. The circle in the middle of the table was steaming hot, not to mention the red roast mutton, the fried yam chicken, the hot sauce stewed vermicelli belly, the fragrant steamed wild duck wrapped in rotten clothes, the fried duck tongue with bamboo sprouts, the fresh shrimp balls stewed with Coix seed, the eight-treasure tofu, and the deer tendon cooked with vinegar. The eight bowls were always surrounded by a circle, because crabs were to be eaten hot now,outdoor whirlpool tub, so the middle space was set aside. Wait for his position. Auntie Su and Auntie Rui had already arrived and were standing at the table, talking and laughing. Because her temper was always cloudy and uncertain recently, Auntie Su did not dare to bring Wu Er out, for fear that she would scold him when she saw him. But she only said that he was playing in the room, that he was not well enough to rest, and that he could not eat the cold food, so she did not let him out. When Zheng heard this, she was a little disappointed. She wanted to see Wu Er to see if she was better. But this is expected, that's all. It's just that Yunbo took out a small jade mouse and sent it to Aunt Su, saying that Wu Er was a rat. When she saw this,american hot tub, she just thought of Wu Er, so she brought it from home and let Aunt Su take it for Wu Er. Gan Niang always couldn't see these things, and she didn't wait for anyone. She sat down first, and Jin Hui hurriedly sent the eight pieces of gold. She also called out and scolded, "What's the hurry?"? No, no one's here yet? I'm just tired of walking, but you look like I'm going to wait for that. I don't know if you're greedy. "Jinhui didn't dare to answer back, put down his things and walked away.". Ning'e came over and sat on her left hand. She looked at the dish and said, "Didn't you buy any dumplings today?"? Why aren't there any drunken cockles? When Mother Song heard this, she hurried back and forth and said, "Go back to Big Milk. The younger one naturally knows that the house always eats crabs with drunken clams. But when the younger lady came today, it was already late. The comprador outside went out to look for a big circle, but he didn't find much. He had to have a small basket. Because the small kitchen also wanted it, he handed it over there." Ning'e nodded and sighed. "If that's all right," she said, "you have to put the master first. But from this point of view, things in the world are just so so, and not everything is perfect. When Qilan heard this, Whirlpool bathtub ,best whirlpool tub, she laughed and said, "My eldest sister-in-law is complaining because she can't eat the dumplings. If you really follow what you just said, wouldn't everything be perfect today?"? How do you say that? Ning'e was stupefied, but she didn't expect that she had no intention of sighing with emotion, which caused her to find fault with the orchid. Just as she didn't know how to deal with it, the Zheng pulled the orchid to sit together. Then she said, "What's so hard to say?"? The master's business must be done properly and perfectly to match it. What do we have here? It's just a mean thing. Do you dare to argue with the master? Ning'e smiled easily and said to Zheng, "What the young lady said is very true, but I can't say it. I told you to take the lead." The godmother washed her hands in the water brought by the girls and said with a smile, "Well, that's a good thing to say. It's just that the master is not here. It's a pity that he can't hear it. The young lady has done a good job of flattery. She just fired an empty gun in vain." "Look at this second sister-in-law's mouth," said Zheng angrily. "It's just a word. Why is it just flattery?"? Then what are the things you send to the master every year after the festival? Okay, I'm convinced by you, so I won't say it, but what about the Second Master? Why not? He's the only one who can subdue you. Gan Niang said coldly, "He may not be able to subdue him, but someone outside called him and he went out.". I wonder which girl in the courtyard is celebrating her birthday, and all the people are here, but he is the copper merchant who pays the money. Zheng chuckled and stopped asking. He looked at Ning'e, who was naturally ordinary. Then they washed their hands with jasmine oil soap and called for hot crabs. When the steamer is lifted, the fresh fragrance that follows immediately calms everyone, and no one speaks, but concentrates on the delicate work in hand and the wonderful experience of the tip of the tongue. As expected, the crab was excellent. Once the lid was broken off, the cream oil became golden and greasy, forming a mass. The color and luster were like jade fat and shreds, congealing but not dispersing. With the ready-made ginger vinegar, it was difficult to describe the taste in words. Zi Gui picked out a shell of meat early in the morning and sent it to Ning'e. Yi Qing and Yun Bo all acted like this, but Gan Niang didn't want it. She said she had fun eating it, so she picked out the meat bit by bit. Later, she saw that she ate it very cleanly and neatly, and the empty shell she ate was a whole crab. When Ning'e saw it, she laughed and said, "What a neat hand and foot! Get one for me, too.". Zi Gui, you should learn from Second Daughter-in-law. It's a very interesting trick. Gan Niang also laughed after hearing this: "This was originally learned from one of my father's aunts when I was at home. I haven't practiced for many days. Today I want to try it, but I haven't forgotten it yet." After hearing this, Qilan said, "I've never seen the Second Sister-in-law come up with this craft before. Why do you think of it today?" After hearing this, Gan Niang only said lightly, "I couldn't remember it before. The other day, my father said that my aunt had disappeared recently, so I remembered that there was still this person.". Speaking of it, when I was a child, she took care of me for a few days. Because my mother was not in good health during that time, my father gave me to her. She is a very interesting person. She knows a lot of useless things. Although she is useless, she can have fun. The way of eating crabs is the same. It also has something to do with her family background, because she was bought by my father from a brothel. She has many minds, but she is not a bad person. Ning'e nodded and said, "That's all right. In my opinion, this craft is not surprising. I think she has picked a lot for the guests. Practice makes perfect." The orchid is just curious, but also to ask carefully: "How did she not?"? Older? Or sick? Gan Niang paused and then said, "How old can she be?"? Now, she's only ten or eight years older than me. However, she's too hard-hearted and refuses to turn around. According to my father's words, she is smart and handsome, but she's too eccentric and evil. People say that she turned back after hitting the south wall,whirlpool hot tub, but she didn't turn back until she died. The words said here did not have the following, in the end also did not say how to die, but called Qilan to stare at her for a long time. monalisa.com

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