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Description: To some news about the Black Hawk meeting. They are not in a hurry to go, the girl naturally also concerned about the movement of the Black Hawk, someone told the news of the Black Hawk, of course, very. Good, nod: "Good, we ask boatman to agree to turn back to say again first." How dare the boatman go back? The two men had no choice but to ask the boatman to dock, saying that they wanted to land in Nankang and did not want the boatman to return the boat fare. Naturally, I agreed. The west bank is the remaining vein of Wuzhang Mountain, connecting Lushan Mountain, more than 40 miles away from Nankang, which belongs to Xingzi County. Lakeshore Harbor Cha Luo Cloth, all the woods are covered with a heavy yellow autumn, only the bamboo forest along the coast, still with a clump of green, far away. You can see three or five fishing boats moored in the bay. On the surface of the lake, the sails of merchant ships traveling north and south are also full of poetry. The boat slowly sailed into a small bay, put down the gangway, and the two men jumped ashore with their bags to the three fishing boats moored downstream. Walk. In broad daylight, the lake is a good time for fishing. Why don't these three fishing boats go out of the lake to fish? Less than half a mile from the shore. A small village, it seems that the village and the fishing boat, are invisible. Three fishing boats were tied side by side under a big tree, without a springboard. They swayed with the waves, and no one was seen on the boat. Chai Zhe put down his bags and said: "I'm going to the village to find someone. Little brother,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, you wait here." Behind a bamboo grove not far away, five or six people dressed as fishermen suddenly turned out. The autumn wind brings a chill, but the fishermen are red. Upper body, not afraid of the strong wind. On the lakeshore path to the north, a monk and two big men were striding out of the woods in front of them and coming here. Chai Zhe was overjoyed and went to the fishermen. The three men from the north were very quick at their feet and got there first. The monk is tall, with a shiny door and a shining ring scar. He is about forty years old. Head, bulging eyes, wide mouth, missing half of the left helix. He was dressed in an old monk's robe,12 needle valve, which was rolled up on his belt. There is a begging bag hanging under the flank. With a handy shovel. The Nian Shu hanging on his chest did not seem to be made of wood, and the black light was shining and heavy. The two big men were about fifty years old and looked very fierce. They carried a small package on their backs and hung a single knife at their waists. You and Shang took the lead and hurried to where the fishermen were standing. Chai Zhe looked sharp and said, "It seems that these people are not their own people." I'm afraid there's trouble. The six men dressed up as fishermen were stout and ferocious, and their every move showed a fierce and rough air. Breath, people can see at a glance is not a good way. The monk put down his convenient shovel and asked the question with one hand. He laughed like a bell and said with a big grin, "Amitabha!"! Benefactor Boys, is this your boat? A stout fisherman put his hands on his hips and assumed an unruly look. He rolled his strange eyes and sneered, "Yes, the boat is." Ours. It's a pity that we don't believe in gods and Buddhas here. Monk, you are not a place to beg for alms. What do you want? As soon as the monk's face sank, his violent eyes were full of fierce light. With a "snap", he swung a convenient shovel, and most of the shovel's head went into the ground, shouting angrily with displeasure. "Turn up your donkey's ears," he said. "The Buddha is not begging for alms. He wants to hire your boat. How dare you run wild in front of the Buddha? But are you tired of living? If you don't know how to speak rudely, Buddha will gouge out your dog's eyes. The rude words of this monk are really surprising, 14 tube fitting ,ball valve manufacturer, and the bad attitude is even more surprising. Fisherman's attitude is certainly not. Like it or not, the two sides are six of one and half of the other. The ghost was afraid of the evil man and the snake was afraid of driving him away. When the fisherman met a stronger man, the fierce flame converged and he took two steps back in surprise. His tone softened and he said: "We're fishing boats. We're not hired." "You have to hire even if you don't." The monk barked. You "The Buddha has decided to hire you, and if you don't agree, you have to agree." Another fisherman sees wrong, come forward to ask coldly: "Monk, what use do you want to hire a boat?" "You don't have to ask that. The Buddha has his own use." "We are not available." "It doesn't matter if you boys don't have time. Buddha wants a boat, not a man." "You.." "I dare say that the three Buddhas are better than you in sailing.". The boat is for the Buddha for two days, and the silver is for you. If the monk is beside him He took out one or two small silver ingots from his bosom, threw them at the fisherman's feet, and walked to the lake. The fisherman let out a curse, stretched out his hand to stop him, and cried, "Wait!"! How can you be a thief monk? Look, you know these ships are Whose? Hum! Did you eat the heart of a bear and the gall of a leopard? How dare.. "Shut up!" The monk shouted in a louder voice, "No matter whose boat it is, the Buddha will hire it.". Monk, I have traveled all over three mountains. Five mountains, five lakes and four seas, many people have seen it! Can not be frightened, even if the emperor's dragon boat, Buddha said to want, no one. Dare to say no. "What a big breath you have." "My half-eared monk, Master Zhengyi, has such a big tone." At the end of his patience, the fisherman let out a cry of anger and split his chest, which was a record of "Black Tiger Stealing Heart." The monk laughed, did not dodge, "bang" a violent sound, fist on the monk's chest, such as the giant drum, the monk's grain wind. Motionless, as if unaware. The fisherman's eyes were filled with a sly smile, and the second punch flew again, "Peng" hit the monk's lower abdomen. Ha ha ha ha.. Monk's wild laughter, in the second punch suddenly stopped, the body a bump, back outside, almost. Fall down, face changes greatly. The fisherman raised his fist to his mouth and blew on it proudly and affectedly. "Grandpa knows you're practicing," he sneered. With Qigong, you won't be killed by this mountain-shaking fist, but you'll be scared. The monk clenched his teeth and asked, "Boy, are you Shenquan Hong Shifang?" "It's just down there." The monk rubbed his hands together and said in a harsh voice, "Your food in the world has been wasted. The Buddha wants to release you to the west." Shenquan Hong Shifang snorted and said in a deep voice, "Don't brag. You don't deserve it." Five fishermen left and right one point, the monk's two companions also put down the small package, the two sides make a gap as a fighting field, one to one male. A draw. The monk stepped forward, his palms still rubbing, his eyes shining fiercely, and his palms slowly turning purple. As soon as Hong Shifang's eyelid color changed,38 tube fitting, she called out, "You.." Are you Xu yuanlong, the blood palm? ? chinaroke.com

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