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Description: "Why are you?" "He.." Who is it? The mouse saw that his legs were already weak, and he asked in a low voice next week. Zhou Yikai turned his head slightly and whispered back: "You don't know.." "He does." Xu He's eyes narrowed slightly at the mouse, and his tone was cold. The thin man with glasses leaned close to the mouse's ear and lowered his voice: "Brother Mouse, is he the one you stopped in the middle of Central China to ask for protection money?" The mouse looked at Xu He carefully, and then said in an impatient tone, "There were a lot of students in those days. How the *** do I remember?" The thin man pulled down the mouse's sleeve and twisted it into a knot between his eyebrows. "That's the bookworm saved by the woman surnamed Yu." This conversation actually reminds Zhou Yikai of something. He heard that on the day Yu Jinen helped Xu He, Dachao had said something to warn the mice not to trouble Yu Jinen. Think again today, Xu He can let Lao Ba bring people in person, he has to think about a possibility, so the voice of inquiry can not help but tremble. Brother Mouse, Da, what's Dachao's last name? "Last name?" The mouse frowned thoughtfully for a moment and suddenly patted his forehead, "Surname.." Is the surname Xu? Zhou Yikai gasped in an instant and couldn't help exclaiming: "*** me." "Who of you was involved in that?" Xu He didn't wear glasses today, and when his eyes passed coldly over a few people in front of him, there was no shelter between his eyebrows. The mouse cleared his throat and barely raised the corners of his mouth, and his thin face was wrinkled and ugly. What,wire nail machine manufacturers, what is it? We're all right. It's all a joke. You can't take it seriously. "Do you call it a joke when a dozen big men drag a little girl into a small alley?" Xu He jerked the mouse's collar, lifted it to his eyes, frowned and stared, and his hand holding the collar trembled slightly with force. "Say!" As soon as he thought of that scene and Yu Jinen's despair at that time, he wanted to cut these scum to pieces! The mouse's younger brothers saw that the situation was not good and retreated to protect themselves. But they were surrounded and could not escape. Zhou Yikai only knew that Xu He had always been a man with a temper, but he had never seen Xu He so angry. Only now do we know that it is too late for rabbits to bite people when they are in a hurry, not to mention that Xu He is obviously not a rabbit. He was also stunned and at a loss. It's been so many years. And we didn't do anything to her at that time. Just,Nail machine supplier, can you go around our brothers this time? The mouse saw that Xu He had no reaction and swallowed saliva silently. "I swear to God that I will never be close to her from now on.." "I can't forgive you." Xu He drew a cold conclusion and immediately turned around and dragged the mouse out of the crowd. At the same time, he raised his left hand to his ear, pointed his index finger and middle finger together behind him, and a small group of people in front of him walked backwards from both sides of his body. He took such a long step that the mouse could not keep up with him, and was dragged by him like a sack almost all the way. Walking to the front of the bus, he hurled the mouse to the front of the bus. Big brother, show mercy. The mouse held Xu He's wrist in his collar with one hand and seemed to beg for mercy. But in a twinkling of an eye, he took advantage of Xu He's unpreparedness and punched Xu He in the cheekbone. The ring between his fingers cut a hole in Xu He's face. He suddenly pushed Xu He away and turned to run behind the car. But he ran so fast that he stumbled and nearly fell with his hands on the ground in a few steps. He didn't want to be grabbed by his collar as soon as he stood up. His back hit the side of the bus directly, and he collapsed in pain. Without waiting for him to come to his senses, Xu Wo came up, grabbed him by the collar with his left hand, nail manufacturing machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and hit him in the jaw with an uppercut. Xu He's punch was so hard and accurate that the mouse was instantly confused and lost the ability to fight back. But he did not give the mouse any chance to breathe. He raised his fist, got up and leaned over to make a punch with his body, one after another. The rain and snow were getting heavier and heavier, and in the end there was not even much snow mixed in, more like a moderate rain. Xu He's hair was already clinging to his forehead, and the mud stuck to his hair gradually pressed his eyelashes with the rain and flowed down from the cheekbone wound. Red mud dripped from his chin and drenched his white sweater, which had been splashed with blood and mud, and his black down jacket fell behind him like cold iron. His fist slowly moved from the face of the mouse lying like a corpse in the muddy water and fell to his side, mud and blood dripping from his knuckles. He took the mouse's collar and suddenly pulled the mouse half sitting up. The raindrops as big as beans hit the thin face stained with blood. The mouse's eyelashes, which were stuck together by mud, trembled slightly. From now on, if you and your gang dare to approach Yu Jinen again, I will make you regret living in Jingzhou. Xu He's eyes narrowed slightly at the mouse, and his tone was cold. Then he suddenly let go, and the mouse, like a bag of garbage, fell back into the muddy water in an instant, and the muddy water mixed with blood splashed high and fell all over him. When everything ended, Xu He realized that his knees, arms and shoulders were already sore. He stood up slowly on his knees, and the people not far away gradually dispersed and turned toward the bus. When he staggered and stood firm, he saw Zhou Yikai tilt his head and fall in a pool of blood, looking at his empty eyes, only his chest still had ups and downs. The picture in front of me seems to go back to the winter night four years ago. The mouse first taught him that kindness and prudence were not enough to avoid disaster. However, it was Zhou Yikai who made him realize that in some people's survival rules, there is no reason to say, only force, the law of the jungle. Warned by Zhou Yikai that day, He Ying pressed him to ask what happened to the wound on his face. He didn't say a word, but secretly made up his mind that he would never be a lamb to be slaughtered again. He also secretly signed up for a class to learn Sanda. Perhaps falling in love with Yu Jinen is his doom. When he was forced to step into another world, he had to make himself stronger for her and for himself. Xu He turned around silently, took out the soaked paper towel from his pocket, tore up the plastic packaging, held the whole lump in the palm of his hand, wiped off the mud and blood, and threw it on the roadside. He stepped up the steps of the bus and sat down beside Lao Ba. Tut, you're still too young to do it yourself. Lao Ba looked at him in a mess, frowned,Coil nail machine, took out a cigarette and handed it over. Sorry, I can't smoke. Xu He pushed away Lao Ba's hand and slightly hooked the corners of his mouth, "Thank Uncle Ba for taking time out of his busy schedule to help me." ?

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