The Nine Tripods

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Description: Teng Qingshan's mind was a mess, but after Grandpa's clear analysis and guidance, everything was already very clear. How to choose.. It all depends on Teng Qingshan's idea. Jiangning county, in the study of the suzerain of Gui yuan Zong. Although it is afternoon now, the doors and windows of the study are closed at the moment. Fragrance filled the middle of the study, Zhuge yuanhong sitting cross-legged here, last night's hall assembly also gave Zhuge yuanhong a headache. Alas.. Zhuge yuanhong sighed deeply. For Teng Qingshan's idea, how can Zhuge yuanhong not know? But he simply can not open his mouth, looking at the land of Kyushu, who does not want to get endless statements? Start your own sect! Inherit your own practice! He was hailed as the founder by hundreds of millions of disciples! I'm afraid on the land of Kyushu, countless teenagers are dreaming of this day. He can't force Teng Qingshan to give up these for his return to yuan Zong. After all, Teng Qingshan has today, all of which are made by Teng's own efforts. Bang! "Bang!" "Bang!" A knock at the door. It sounded suddenly, as if knocking on Zhuge yuanhong's heart. Master, it's me. A familiar voice rang out. Aoyama? Zhuge yuan Honglian stood up, "Aoyama, come in quickly!" Fiction ^ txt-days. Don Chapter 54 Teng Qingshan's ambition. Chapter 54 Teng Qingshan's Ambition "Squeak!" After pushing open the door, Teng Qingshan came in with a smile. Uh When Zhuge yuanhong saw Teng Qingshan's expression, he could not help moving in his heart. Obviously at this time Teng Qingshan has made up his mind,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, will be so relaxed. Aoyama, sit down. Zhuge yuanhong and Teng Qingshan sat down together. Master, you say, I want to ask the elders in the clan about the founding of the clan. Now is there a result? Teng Qingshan asked. Zhuge yuanhong looked at Teng Qingshan and said, "Qingshan, in fact, you also know.". Now I return to yuan Zong,ceramic igniter electrodes, although I occupy Yangzhou, one of the nine States. But it is mainly by Aoyama's deterrence that you can shock other sects in Kyushu. The elders have opinions, but everything still depends on you. "Aoyama, you decide what to do." Zhuge yuanhong looked at Teng Qingshan. Zong Li, there should be some bottom line, right? Teng Qingshan asked. Zhuge yuanhong nodded and said solemnly, "The first point is that I can't change the name of Gui yuan Zong."! Second, I don't want to be a branch of other sects! If you are not satisfied with Aoyama.. Then, I return to yuan Zong, would rather only return to yuan Zong for Jiangning County. You are in charge of the other twelve counties in Yangzhou. "Oh." Teng Qingshan nodded. In fact, he learned a lot from Qinghu's letters, and it was obvious that many people in Gui yuan Zong were very stubborn. Master worker Teng Qingshan smiled. Uh Zhuge yuanhong listened carefully, after all, cordierite c520 ,7g Ozone Generator, the decision was actually in the hands of Teng Qingshan. Master, it's actually in my plan. Starting a school is not what we need to do now. Teng Qingshan shook his head and smiled. "After all, my third-generation disciples are still young.". If you hadn't mentioned it, I'm afraid I wouldn't be talking about it now. Zhuge yuanhong nodded. There are really two or three big cats and kittens under Teng Qingshan, and there are too few hands. But also because your master mentioned it, I also thought hard. I also talked to my wife, Xiao Jun, and my grandfather gave me some advice. At noon today, I finally made up my mind. Teng Qingshan smiled. "Now, Gui yuanzong only occupied Yangzhou.". And in my plan.. More than one state. As soon as our foundation is stable, my strength will make a breakthrough and attack Yanzhou. Take down Yanzhou, the second state of Kyushu! "Yanzhou?" Zhuge yuanhong a surprised, Gui yuanzong turtle shrink in Jiangning county for a thousand years, now can occupy Yangzhou, early one excited. I don't know that Teng Qingshan doesn't care about this at all. Yes, if it weren't for the Tenshin Palace, my plan would be to occupy more places. Teng Qingshan smiled. Aoyama, what on earth do you think? Zhuge yuan Hong Liandao. Now that I have returned to yuan Zong for discussion, I will set up a school in advance. Teng Qingshan said. Zhuge yuanhong has a knot in his heart. Do you really want to set up a school? "But don't worry, master." Teng Qingshan smiled, "When I was creating the inner boxing, I wanted to let my inner boxing spread all over the land of Kyushu!"! I had planned to take over more territory in my lifetime. Even like Yu Emperor and Qinling Emperor of Heaven, they unified the whole world. Let my inner boxing spread all over the world. "Unification?" Zhuge yuanhong held his breath. It is difficult to unify the world. Teng Qingshan shook his head, "and there will be a lot of people dying like that!" "After careful consideration, I have now changed my mind." Teng Qingshan smiled and said, "If you want to spread my inner boxing all over Kyushu, you don't need to unify the world at all!"! Even.. In my plan, the sect I am about to create. It will also be different from the seven sects on the land of Kyushu. "It's all different?" Zhuge yuanhong was stunned. Uh Teng Qingshan nodded, "Yes, the major sects in Kyushu are all occupying a piece of territory.". However, they teach their disciples in their respective territories. And I.. But different. I am going to create a sect and prepare to learn from the Mu family in Duanmu Mainland. In other words, I learned from the Vientiane Gate in Kyushu. "Vientiane Gate?" Zhuge yuanhong understood a little. But my sect is different from theirs. Teng Qingshan smiled. Difference In fact, Zhuge yuanhong probably already understood. Master worker Teng Qingshan solemnly said, "Now Yangzhou thirteen counties, I only want the land of five counties!"! That is to say, with Jiangning County as the center, the area is thousands of miles from east to west and thousands of miles from north to south. Xuyang County, Fengshan County, Mengfeng County, Nanxing County and Jiangning County are the five counties in the central part of Yangzhou. I only want these five counties! "Thirteen counties of Yangzhou, the other eight counties, all belong to yuan Zong!"! Moreover,steatite c221, Yanzhou, which will be laid down in the future, will also belong to yuan Zong. Teng Qingshan said in one breath. What Zhuge yuanhong was surprised. Completely shocked by Teng Qingshan's decision.

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