They said the young martial uncle was possessed by the devil.

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Description: In the dark side hall, black runes flowed on the translucent cover. The woman in a bright red robe sat on the fox fur in the soft sedan chair carried by four people, half open her eyes, looking at the man whose wrists and ankles were locked by several slender silver chains opposite the cover. She waited for a long time before she finally opened her mouth: "Your sister finally came back. After all, you are twins born by a lotus. Will there be any induction?" Yi Wushuang lowered his head and half-opened his heavy breathing, as if he had not heard her voice. Huang Ji leaned forward slightly and looked at the other side's uncovered left chest, where eight ferocious magic lines occupied most of the chest, slightly empty piece, the ninth magic line has been slowly born. Guess, when your sister finds you and finds that you are possessed, will she eradicate the evil for the sake of righteousness, or will she leave the right path to accompany you? Huang Ji's eyes moved to the half of her chin exposed below her hair. "Or, if I ask you to kill her when you're just delirious, do you think you'll go yourself?" I.. Not possessed. At last there was a sound of response from the hood, intermittent, like words leaking through clenched teeth. You will. Huang Ji carelessly fiddled with her long fingernails until she peeled off a piece of the bright red color dyed on them. "Everyone is waiting for you to be possessed. I, Yue Shi, Empty Cicada Temple, and Xiling Yi Shi,Portable gold trommel, everyone is waiting. Of course you will be possessed." Yi Wushuang sat on the ground, and the evil spirit of his whole body was sometimes churning and sometimes quiet. I don't know how long it took him to speak again, but his voice sounded calmer: "I won't." "Ha, you were born in Xuanshan. I think you should know Shang Yan." Huang Ji didn't care about his answer and said to himself, "Xuanshan Shangyan, the darling of heaven, the leader of Zhengdao many years ago,Carbon in Pulp, there was a time when I saw everyone waiting for him to be possessed.". He used to be a high-spirited young man. I remember I saw him. I happened to be near him when he was crushed. He didn't say a word at that time. He looked exactly the same as when he broke Sumi's demon realm with one sword. It's really a young man's mind, so straight that people can't move their eyes. Huang Ji raised the corner of her eyes slightly, as if she were looking at Yi Wushuang, but she didn't seem to be: "He wasn't possessed, so he died." Yi Wu struggled with his arms. There are so many practitioners in the world. At that time, I didn't mention anything else. I just said that the most well-known thing was that Shang Yan Yili broke through the Sumi Demon Realm and retreated from the South China Sea Demon. He saved so many practitioners. Even if he said that half of the practitioners owed him a life, it was not too much. It's a pity that it's only a hundred years since the fall of Shang Yan in Xuanshan, and it seems that no one in the realm of cultivation remembers the sage of Yan. Yi Wushuang, do you believe that even when Shang Yan was alive, there were many righteous people who wanted him to die? Huang Ji's face was still smiling, but a tear slowly rolled down from the corner of her left eye and fell unconsciously onto her collar: "How lucky the world is, how indifferent the way of heaven is.". Up to now, anyone who mentions Zhong Jie will only scold a notorious devil, tin beneficiation plant ,small gold wash plant, and no one remembers that he used to be a young man with fresh clothes and angry horses. If Shang Yan had really been possessed, now, a hundred years later, no one would remember that he was not a demon from the beginning. Shang Yan's death is a good thing. Yi Wushuang still did not reply. Unfortunately, you are not Shang Yan, your heart is not as good as him in general, since you have given birth to the magic lines, it is only sooner or later. It's just that it would be a lot easier if you weren't twins. Huang Ji hooked her bright red lips. "You shouldn't exist. After all, you almost killed your sister.". You know your sister feels the same way, don't you? With her eyes slightly lowered, she saw with satisfaction that the magic lines on Yi Wushuang's chest suddenly struggled and spread upward for a few minutes: "Wait a few more days. When I've almost killed the bald donkeys of the Empty Cicada Temple, I'll bring their abbot's life here for you to see. Don't worry. You'll soon become a demon in prison. I always treat my own people well." —— The royal capital of the Western Jin Dynasty, like other cities seen along the way, was dead silent. Pushing open the gate and stepping into the city, Yin Zi saw many people. Like Xiao Ruan, who had met before, these people stood like sculptures in the royal capital, some seemed to be whispering to each other, some looked leisurely, as if on an ordinary day, time had stopped and fixed everyone here. But only the people seemed to stop, and the houses were in a state of decay, and weeds began to grow on the road. The music, which had been faintly audible before, had become clear, and the music was mixed with a vague and mournful cry. When Yin Zi wanted to listen carefully, he could not tell whether the cry really existed. "It's unchanged." Shang Yan said softly, "the name of this song." "The man said that after the new emperor of the Western Jin Dynasty ascended the throne, the whole country died." When Yin Zi walked to the front of the palace, she stopped and said so. She looked at the closed palace door in front of her, pursed her lips a little, and then pushed the door open. In the palace, there is still a guard of honor for the new emperor to ascend the throne, with layers of flags and curtains blocking the sun. But the look on the faces of the palace people was not happy, and in some places where there were few people, the palace people almost undisguisedly showed a look of panic and fear. After crossing the main road, Yin Zi finally walked to the front of the main hall. The ministers knelt on the ground in fear and made a gesture of preparing to kowtow, as if they were preparing to congratulate their new emperor on the throne. On the high platform in front of the crowd, Yin Zi saw the people who were still moving for the first time in the royal capital. The boy's hair was all white, and his long hair dragged from his shoulders to the ground, but he seemed to be unconscious, sitting on the throne with his eyes closed,mineral flotation, holding the lute in his hand and plucking the strings on it. The music, like ripples, spread out with him as the center and went far beyond the reach of the eye. Yin Zi walked quickly through the ministers kneeling on the ground and walked straight to the front of the throne.

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