Three Kingdoms Rangers

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Description: "I have been under the charge of yuan Gong for many years," said Ju, "and I know a lot about Xuchang. In the early days of the Guandu struggle, many officials in Xu Du and yuan Gong secretly accepted and offered their love, and all the letters had to go through my hands. Haha, however, as far as I know, your father was not one of them, and he drove away the messenger sent by yuan Gong to persuade him. "Why did you do the opposite and go against your father?" Zhang Quan sighed again, "Alas, although my father was loyal to Cao and expelled the emissary of yuan Gong.". But also because of this, but by Cao Cao's suspicion, think my father don't stand beheaded to make, is to sit and watch the success or failure of both sides of Cao yuan to decide again. Specially sent Lv Qian and Zhu Ling to lead the army stationed in the city of Nanyang to monitor us. My father and son have been bullied by these two people for a long time, and their suffering is unspeakable. Recently, my brothers and clansmen were forced to come to Xudu, and their actions were even more constrained. They were often oppressed by Cao's trusted followers, and they had long wanted to go against it. Please don't worry, sir. Knowing that most of his words were untrue, he thought, "Your father Zhang Xiu took refuge with Cao Cao last year before the war between yuan and Cao. How could Cao Cao not trust him?"? Lv Qian and Zhu Ling will lead the army stationed in the city of Nanyang, just to guard against the Liu table of Jingzhou, Cao Cao that is well-intentioned, afraid your father can't stand. "Well, but the latter part of the sentence is possible. Xu Du's Cao clan and Xiahou clan have a large number of people. You Zhang family are used to being arrogant, and you can sell three points of gas." "I have heard the Uighurs say that your plan is very detailed and thorough," he said. I don't know who did it? I want to see him. Zhang Quan glanced at his eyes and thought, "I'm blind. Who can I see?" Turn your head sideways and ask the young man beside you, "Filial piety?" The young man smiled and said, "Mr. Wu laughed.". This plan is made by the inferior people. Ju Shou waited for a moment, but when he saw that he still refused to be named, he said, "The candidates on the list in the plan are really discerning. They are all officials who are extremely dissatisfied with Cao's abuse of power.". But I have three questions that I would like to ask you. "Go ahead, Mr. Wu," said the young man. "In the first month of this year," said Ju Shou, "General Dong Cheng,Magnetic Drain Plug, together with Wang Zifu, the assistant minister of the Yellow Gate, General Wu Zilan of Zhechong, Captain Zhong Ji of Changshui, General Wu Shuo of Yilang, and Imperial Physician Ji Ping, wanted to assassinate Cao and regain the power of the imperial court. Unexpectedly, the incident was exposed, and all the people were trapped by Cao Cao, and all the barbarians destroyed nine clans. The time is not yet far away. Can all the people we seek today be fearless? If you are afraid, it is easy to hesitate or even turn around and inform Cao Cao. This kind of person does not need many, one will let the big thing all play out. The young man fully understood what he meant and said with a smile, "What you are worried about is very serious.". The people on the list are indeed wretched and timid, but these people are all peripheral, and they don't know anything about me. We just take advantage of their dissatisfaction with the Cao family to act conveniently on weekdays and wait for their handle to fall into my hands before making a decision. Ju Shou was quite surprised: "So how many people have you and others been involved in the secret?" "There are seven of them," said the young man. Attached to Ju Shou's ear, he slowly said the names of five of them. As for the positions, titles, ages, die cast light housing ,CNC machining parts, men and women, he did not say anything else, because he knew that Ju Shou might know more about it than he did. Ju Shou's face changed greatly. "Who is Shaojun?"? Are you the only one who made such a plan? The young man thought for a moment, "In fact, I have a long history with you, but once I say it, I need to respect you with my grandfather's courtesy. It's really not what I want!" There is a sense of pride in his words. Ju Shou shook his head gently and said, "With the talent of a young gentleman, I can make friends with Ju Mou who forgets his age.". "I have experienced great changes in Guandu, and I am no longer the dejected teacher of the past." I was more arrogant than you, in the tent even Lombardi also dare to do. Remembering that seventy thousand people had been killed, the young man could not help sighing, "Alas, the younger generation is a native of Youfufeng (now Meixian County, Shaanxi Province). It is true that the law is correct and filial piety is straight." "Is it after brother Fa Zhen?" Asked Ju Shou in surprise. "It is my late grandfather," said the young man. Ju Shou burst out laughing and said, "Haha, you and I really have a very deep relationship. In the past, your ancestors were much older than me, but they didn't regard me as a contemptible person. They regarded me as a younger brother.". Today Jumou is paying back the debt! Fa Zheng said with a smile, "I've wronged my brother Ju by talking about the legacy of my ancestors.". ” Ju Shou said with a smile, "It's just that I don't quite understand. In those days, Brother Fa Zhen was upright and upright, and had a high reputation. How could he be so smart and thoughtful when he was filial and upright?" When Fazheng saw that when he called himself by his name, he really regarded himself as a good friend who had forgotten his age. He was overjoyed and said, "Brother, do you know that phoenixes sing differently every three generations?" Ju Shou is stupefied, still did not hear really, way: "Have such view?" "That's what I said," said Fa Zheng with a smile. Ju Shou laughed and said, "It's really my brother." Zhang Quan, standing beside him, said, "You two have spoken well together. It's really a good thing for both of us.". Do not deceive adults, the formulation of the action plan, in addition to filial piety straight a lot of effort, there are two superior people secretly assist. "Yes," said Fa Zhengdao, "those two are the main planners of this'Tengjiao Action '. My younger brother is just helping me from the side." Although he said yes, in fact, he reversed Zhang Quan's words. Ju Shou recognized it at once. Fa Zheng is so arrogant that he is actually modest. I don't know how powerful the mastermind is. It must be the names of the two men he refused to say just now. In the heart, the wise men of Xu Du were counted over and over again, but they still couldn't guess. They were secretly shocked: "Fa Zheng is already a rare talent, and there are two senior instigators hidden behind the scenes.". Could it be him? But who is the other one? With them in charge, maybe this adventure will really work. He has little ambition, can recognize people, and has many powers and strategies. At the age of seventeen, Maocai once served as the magistrate of two counties, and later as the herdsman of Jizhou, Han Fu, who worshipped and rode a surname. Later, seeing his incompetence, he resigned and returned home. yuan Shao drove Han Fu away by cheating, and after he got Jizhou, he admired his reputation and went to his home in person. He was invited by his humble words, and again asked him to serve as the other driver of Jizhou (the first subordinate officer of Zhou Mu, who often went out to inspect and supervise the prefectures). For the sake of yuan's great cause, Ju Shou worked hard and put forward a lot of far-sighted suggestions in many aspects, such as politics,socket screw plug, economy, strategy and tactics, but few of them were accepted by yuan Shao.

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