Through the Goblin Years

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Description: In any case, we had been so close, but now his expression looked like a stranger, even full of disgust. With a dull pain in my heart, I raised my head and said, "I'm going back, Master." Then he bowed, and everything returned to its original position. The master of the palace was still the master of the palace, and I was still the little demon who was good for nothing. But as soon as he bent down, he was held back by a pair of hands. He seemed to pause and said, "Not everything can be eaten at random!" His voice was cold and his deep eyes stared at me as if it were a warning. I just ate the fruit I put in the idle place. Is it poisonous? However, I ate the fruit sent by fireworks for a long time, nothing happened, and this poison is too strange, it will make people think. I tried to suppress my emotions and looked at the fruits. I said lightly, "I'm sorry, I won't do it again." Jimo Jin narrowed her eyes and stared at me. For a moment, she lowered her eyelashes and said, "The reddish color is different from the pale one." I remembered that the fruit that the fireworks had given me was very light in color. When I saw the brightly colored fruit just now, I thought it was because it was ripe, but it was different. What kind of fruit is that? His facial expression is a little awkward, frowned to say: "What you eat, it is lover fruit." Lover's fruit? The name is so ambiguous. Think of the feeling just now, itching in the heart, some at a loss, but there is a trace of sweetness. Lover's fruit. After eating,Investment casting parts, what will happen between lovers? Unable to think any more, I shook my head and touched my face. It was boiling hot. My little action was seen by Jimo Jin, his lips seemed to unconsciously move, the moonlight came in, there was a faint red on his face. Could it be that he also remembered something? I was so embarrassed that I wanted to find a hole in the ground. Silence for a moment, suddenly feel very tired, eyelids are about to come down, squint, I think now must look like Jimo Jin, he likes to squint,Steel investment casting, but the spirit in his eyes can not be hidden. Glancing up at him, I couldn't help yawning. Why so sleepy all of a sudden? I raised my head and tried to look neither humble nor pushy. "Master, I'd better go back." But the unstoppable tiredness made me yawn again. My manners today were probably terrible. First, I hugged her like a woman, and now I showed that I had taken drugs. I pinched my thighs severely. Mo Jin stared at me, suddenly coldly raised the corners of his mouth: "Poison solution, toxicity has not been completely eliminated, if you do not want to live, you can go at any time." In a word, I immediately sat down on the soft chair. I don't know if he talks to people like this, but I don't want to be found poisoned in the house tomorrow. After lying on the chair, I seem to have finally found a home, the whole body is soft, close your eyes and do not want to open again, at the beginning, I was still thinking, that is, what is Mojin doing now? Why is there no sound? Did you go out? I wanted to open my eyes, deep draw stamping ,die casting parts, but I didn't dare. Later, my mind became more and more confused, and somehow I fell asleep. Perhaps, I want to sleep here, just, less an excuse, so, that is, Mo Jin said that my toxicity has not been removed, I quickly sat on the soft chair. Why do I like to sleep here? When I first came here, I didn't like it very much. I felt very depressed and afraid. Now, what's wrong? Sleeping more and more deeply with confused thoughts, I saw myself standing between two boys in a pink skirt in a trance, with a round face and a pure smile, saying: "Let's take a break today and play hide-and-seek." "Hide and seek?" One of the little boys squinted. That is, I hide, you come to find me, and whoever finds me first wins. "What about winning?" Another little boy suddenly smiled, and his handsome features were like distant mountains. Well-you'll see. I found a quiet grass squat down, the heart quickly turned, in the end who found me first? Or, who can I find first? I smiled at the thought. I saw the little boy in white come closer and closer, pick up the small stones on the ground and throw them out, which landed right at his feet. The eyes of the little boy in white brightened like the stars on the horizon, and the gentle smile on his lips deepened: "I found you!" As I expected, I patted the grass dregs on my clothes. I stood up deliberately depressed and pouted: "Don't play. I was caught so soon." The boy in white gazed at me. His eyes were full of tenderness. He smiled shyly. "I won. What should I do?" At this time, another little boy dressed in black clothes also came over, but stopped not far away, looking at us motionless with dark eyes. Glancing at him out of the corner of my eye, I said, "That's it." He stood on tiptoe as fast as he could, put his arms around the neck of the boy in white, and kissed him on his lips, as light as a feather, but he seemed to be petrified, his clear eyes flashed with great joy, like a mist rippling. I looked at him with satisfaction and glanced at his side. The little boy's face in black fell into the shadow, his eyelashes drooped, and no one could see his expression. His black robe remained motionless in the wind, showing a silence that did not match his age. I walked over, touched his face, and whispered in his ear, "Why didn't you find me?" There was a trace of loss on my face, and then I saw him raise his eyes, and something in his eyes lit up. Turning my back to him, I resumed my sweet smile, winked at the boy in white, and looked a little shy. 15. Tsing Yi Maybe I sleep too deeply, and I always have all kinds of dreams. For a while, I dreamed of my mother leaning against the window, slender figure, dressed in a polar nightdress, light pink, gentle and hazy. In the middle of the night, I got up and drank some water. I woke up easily, like a frightened animal. Mother heard the noise, turned around and looked at me for a while, as if it had been a long time before she knew it was me. She came over and held me in her arms. My face rubbed back and forth on her chest,non standard fasteners, which made her itch. Finally, she smiled softly: "Piaopiao, don't make trouble." ?

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