Tomb of God

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Description: Xiaolong's feelings for Chen Nan and Xiao Chenxi did not change at all. Although it showed the majesty of the king of dragons invisibly, it tried its best to restrain the breath of the divine dragon when it came to them. It blinked mischievously with a pair of big eyes, showing a dragon smile, and kept flying around them. Chen Nan is a little excited, did not expect that the usually charmingly naive dragon actually incarnated as a dragon appeared in front of him. He stretched out his hand and gently rubbed the little dragon's scales, which gave off a faint golden light. He sighed softly, "Baby Dragon, you have succeeded in Nirvana now. You won't be far away from me, will you?" The little dragon shook his head, hung in the air and stopped in front of him, rubbed his body intimately with the dragon's head, and then swung his body across the front of the little dawn. "Hehe.." Xiao Chenxi smiled sweetly, and she was put on Xiaolong's back by Chen Nan. The little dragon waved a pair of ethereal dragon wings, carrying her flying around in the bamboo forest, which sent out bursts of crisp children's laughter. In the distance, the three great masters of the kamikaze Academy are looking at everything in the bamboo forest in amazement. The first person immortal wind road bone, foot flying sword, hanging in the air. The second man,outdoor hot tub, with golden hair, golden beard and wrinkled face, stood on the bamboo tip. The third man's hair and beard were all white, his face was wrinkled and worn, and he could not see how old he was. The old man, leaning on his dragon staff, murmured,jacuzzi suppliers, "You have really become a divine dragon. My master, who is not my master, is really happy for you!". Chen Nan sensed the breath of the three great masters. He looked back and just wanted to say hello to them, but at that moment a more powerful breath of terror suddenly permeated the whole bamboo forest. His heart trembled, and the feeling was all too familiar, exactly the same wave of terror that he had sensed in the Jedi of Death. At this time to the strong to the great breath of terror more and more intense, in the whole bamboo forest vast, three peerless masters are showing the color of shock, they really can not imagine how profound the cultivation of people in the end. At this time, a large dark cloud came from the southeast, and the dark clouds seemed to be pressing on the ground, giving people a heavy, terrible and depressing feeling. Chen Nan's heart trembled violently, endless pool factory ,whirlpool bathtub, and the horrible breath in the bamboo forest came from the dark clouds getting closer and closer! The three great masters also looked up in amazement, looking at the black clouds and mists rolling like ink waves. They looked at each other and were shocked. "Demon!" "Demon!" "Demon!" "Demon!" Chen Nan and the three great masters exclaimed in a low voice at the same time. Although the three peerless masters have never been to the Jedi of death, they sense that there seems to be a powerful existence in the rolling magic gas that is too powerful to imagine. In a flash, Chen Nan seemed to suddenly understand that the powerful dragon breath emanating from the process of Nirvana of the little dragon had alarmed the supreme existence of the dead Jedi hundreds of miles away. He shouted anxiously, "The little dragon is in danger. Hurry up and hide!" In fact, the dragon baby is one step ahead of Chen Nan to sense the powerful breath of death, because the rolling magic gas from the air is directed at it, the first time to lock it, Chen Nan and the three peerless masters feel far less than it. Xiaolong body into a golden light, instantly came to the front of Chen Nan, quickly put the small dawn into his arms, and then anxiously motioned Chen Nan to take the small dawn to leave here. Little Dawn had already sensed the palpitating wave of terror and remembered the horrible scene of the Jedi who died three months ago. She said nervously, "Brother, that powerful demon is coming.." He's not here for the dragon, is he? As soon as the dragon swung its tail, the nearby heaven and earth were shaken. Chen Nan and Xiao Chenxi were wrapped in a gentle force and flew away from the original place. They were forcibly sent to the front of the three peerless masters by the dragon. At that moment, a black lightning suddenly fell from the rolling magic gas and ran straight to the dragon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hehe, brothers, click and vote for support. Volume 8 Death Jedi Chapter 3 Spirit Dragon Robbery Advertisement: City Flower Thief ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The baby dragon was already weak after fighting against the nine thunder robberies, when it forced out a huge flash of lightning to block the black electric awn. With a loud bang, the little dragon rolled and flew dozens of feet away at a low altitude. The golden light on its body dimmed in an instant, and the bright red dragon's blood overflowed from its mouth and nose. After the dragon stabilized, he began to empty the nearby heaven and earth vitality and repair the damaged body, but the horrible existence in the rolling magic gas obviously wanted to kill it immediately and did not give it a chance at all. A majestic force surged down from high altitude, a blood-red tragic light enveloped the dragon, the powerful force shook the ground violently, the leaves in the bamboo forest were flying, and all the bamboos were dancing crazily. The little dragon was hit by the tragic red light and fell to the ground from the air. A miserable dragon song came from its mouth. It kept rolling on the ground, and the bamboo was crushed by it in rows. On the square of Kamikaze Academy, tens of thousands of practitioners turned pale with fright. A dark cloud suddenly appeared over the college, which had already surprised them, and then black lightning and red lightning fell from the dark cloud, which made them feel even more incredible. It was not until they heard the screams of the spirit dragon that they realized the seriousness of the situation. Because the terrible breath of the rolling evil spirit was only locked in the bamboo forest in the northwest corner of the college, the people in the square did not realize the terrible place of the evil dark clouds. And the dragon in the fight against the magic gas when flying very low, they did not find, until the dragon screamed out, they found that the situation is not good. At this time, the great pressure came out from the rolling magic gas, and the vast power seemed to fall straight down from the air at any time, attacking the dragon again. Little Chenxi began to cry: "No, don't hurt little Longlong …" Small dawn and small dragon get along for many days,american hot tub, it has a deep feeling, it can be said that in this world in addition to Chen Nan, small dragon is her closest partner.

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