"Why don't you take the money?" After the two men had walked a little farther, Lu yuan spoke. Lu yuanzhi is really not short of money, his grandfather is not a rich man, but his grandfather's position is high, monthly pension several hundred, usually do n

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Description: Candle Jiuxiao words just finished, Zhang Fan has fallen into the meditation. Although he said simply, he revealed a lot of information, which is also very useful for future treasure selection. Thank you, Elder Martial Brother Zhu. Thank you, Patriarch Feng. Zhang understands. Immediately, Zhang Fan came to his senses and said gratefully. Candle Jiuxiao described the situation as such. Already can be regarded as a different look, if not, according to the rules, as long as they open the treasure house, that is, why wake up? "Donghua, you don't need to thank me and so on. You must remember that in the third treasure house, it is the most mysterious. The magic power of Qi, which is the secret of Dharma Prime Minister, is also in it. It depends on your chance." Feng Jiuling said, especially when he mentioned the magical power of Qi Yun, his expression was particularly dignified. Is there the magical power of Qi in the third level? Zhang Fan was startled and then ecstatic. Before listening to the introduction of Zhu Jiuxiao, he thought that the so-called magical power was an ordinary magical power, which had not been too much in his eyes, but he had long been paying attention to the magical power of Qi Yun. It is not a matter of a day or two for him to master the magical power of one or two Qi Yun after he came to the realm of the stars. With his great Qi Yun, he can get twice the result with half the effort and turn corruption into magic. However, he has been unable to find a chance. Now, the opportunity is at hand. There is the magical power of Qi Yun, but there may be nothing. It depends on the chance! Feng Jiuling explained and immediately stepped on his feet. "Let's begin," he said. His seemingly understated step made the wind and clouds turn pale and changed the world within a radius of hundreds of feet. Brush ~ " A large white light suddenly appeared, like a sky,heavy duty cantilever racks, upside down above the dense forest clearing. Isolated from inside and outside, vision and divinity are all blocked. It seems that the movement is not small! Seeing his movements, Zhang Fan knew that the next movement to open the treasure house of heaven and earth was absolutely not small, otherwise why should it be so? Sure enough, after Feng Jiuling erected the barrier, he and Candle Jiuxiao looked at each other, nodded slightly, and the two of them sat cross-legged, each with a palm,metal racking systems, pressing on the ground. Boom! Earthshaking ghosts and gods, Reiki turned into a skyscraper! This time, as if the entire Lianyun Mountain Reiki were triggered, suddenly broke open, suddenly erupted, as if even heaven and earth, are to be torn apart. At the feet of Zhang Fan and the three of them, a series of abstruse patterns emerged and lit up, presumably the Qiling Array in their mouths. Ten breath up and down, in the big array completely lit up the moment, a sudden big hole, suddenly, emerged in the air. Trembling, shaking, like a bubble, floating in the air, may be blown away by the sudden wind at any time, into no trace. Younger Martial Brother Zhang, hurry! "It will be sent out in three days at most. Remember the time. I am waiting here for good news." As soon as the voice of the candle fell, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,pallet rack shelving, Zhang Fan only had time to answer, and immediately as a golden rainbow, he threw himself into the hole in an instant. Bang! Dream bubble, such as dew, such as electricity. As soon as Zhang Fanfu entered, he seemed to be shaken by it, and the entrance to the treasure house, in an instant, made a muffled sound and disappeared without a trace. Had it not been for the turbulence of Reiki, which turned into a howling wind and disappeared at the entrance of the treasure house, it would have gathered into a small whirlpool of Reiki, which would have made people think that everything before was just a dream. I wonder what Younger Martial Brother Zhang will choose in the end? Can you get the magical power of Qi Yun? With Zhang Fan disappearing at the entrance of the treasure house, the candle Jiuxiao relaxed and said leisurely. Rest assured, he must be able to get good things, perhaps can get good luck magic, also unknown, in short, will not be as unlucky as someone. A strange smile appeared on Feng Jiuling's face and he said pointedly. "Uh.." Candle Jiuxiao gave a dry cough and shyly changed the subject. The two great masters of the late yuan Ying, while chatting for three days, Zhang Fan had already appeared in the first treasure house. Is this the first treasure house? Zhang Fanlue must have suppressed the excitement in his heart and looked around. The first treasure house does not seem to be too mysterious, but boundless and vast, suddenly turning heaven and earth into a hall, displaying endless treasures. In this place, all divinities are restricted, and three feet away from the body, they are wrapped in an iron wall and cannot be pushed forward. Dharma prime minister treasure house, with this power, it is common, Zhang Fan is not surprised, just to search. Just then, the blood in his body suddenly rolled violently and uncontrollably. Ah A strange cry of pain suddenly rang directly in his mind. No, it's a bitter man! Zhang Fan's expression changed greatly, and he suddenly came to his senses. He knew that he had forgotten the bitter Taoist. Boom! In the roar, the flames of the nine-fire dragon ball were burning, and they were directly forced out of his body by invisible forces, as if heaven and earth had made a move, without any resistance. Damn Not only the bitter Taoist, but also Zhang Fan himself, at the same time, felt an omnipresent force of exclusion, as if the whole person was forced out of this cave. PS: The third watch, the fourth watch today, there is a chapter behind ~ Chapter 755 the first treasure house, God's will is in me. "Damn it!" Ubiquitous repulsion. In a flash, wrapped all over the body, as if to force Zhang Fan out of this side of heaven and earth in general, the boundless vast hall, looks blurred up, as if it is gradually going away. Get carried away and forget what this place is! Zhang Fan took a deep breath and forced himself to sink. Drink Breathe out the sound, a black cry, the big sun gold black law phase, suddenly emerged, spread wings to fly. All of a sudden, the flaming golden flame of the sun and the brilliance of the sun connected Zhang Fan himself with the Dharma and communicated with each other, just like one, and the breath was natural. Having done this, Zhang Fan hurriedly looked back and looked at the nine-fire dragon ball suspended on one side. He is not worried about his own situation, as long as he shows the Dharma. The breath is connected,industrial racking systems, which naturally proves his identity as a disciple of Dharma, and he will never be rejected by the original power of this side of heaven and earth, but the bitter Taoist is different. It was also at this time that he realized what he had overlooked in his previous surprise. kingmoreracking.com

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