Yue Fan-young prodigal son

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Description: Xiao Lang shook his head with a wry smile. It was his nature not to allow him to speak ill of the opposite sex. Why on earth did Miss Ruwu choose me to be the object of blood sacrifice? I have never met the young lady. Ruwu said with a shallow smile, "Choosing Xiao Gongzi as the first blood sacrifice object of Ruwu's debut was only the recommendation of Elder Martial Brother at first. But after seeing Xiao Gongzi's demeanor and temperament today, Ruwu deeply realized that Elder Martial Brother did not choose the wrong person. Xiao Gongshi is indeed the dragon and phoenix in a million people." It was the first time in his life that Xiao Lang had heard such a "praise" that made him so depressed, and he couldn't help asking curiously: "What exactly is the so-called blood sacrifice?" Ruwu said lightly, "That's a necessary ceremony for Tianmo people to walk in Jianghu. I can't explain it to Xiao Gongzi. I can only tell Gong Yu that if Ruwu can't kill the object of blood sacrifice within six days, he will live the rest of his miserable life without seeing the light of day." Such an appalling thing seemed to be taken for granted in her mouth. "In that case," said Xiao Lang with a wry smile, "why wait six days? You can do it now." Ruwu gave him a bitter look and said softly, "You're worrying too much. Even if Ruwu wants to do it, he will wait until the wound is completely healed." Xiao Lang really didn't know what to say. He was forced to become a mortal enemy with the beauty in front of him like a duck on the shelf, but the other side gave him enough "Jianghu morality" to wait for him to recover and fight again. Even if he went to war in the future, how could you call him Xiao Da's prodigal son? What's more, although he had never seen the martial arts like fog, he was not much worse than Xiang Xie Zhenying. He almost wanted to find a place where there was no one to cry, but he felt that this idea was too weak to bother him. Ruwu showed a charming and seductive expression. He glanced at Xiao Lang and said, "Childe's face doesn't seem to be very good." Xiao Lang said with a wry smile, "If the young lady treats Xiao with this kind of expression, I will misunderstand." He didn't flatter himself,shuttle rack system, but he couldn't think of anything to say. Ruwu laughed and said, "You're joking. You think it's because you haven't recovered from the injury that you look out of order. Do you need Ruwu to escort you for a ride?" Xiao Lang shrugged his shoulders with a wry smile and said, "I appreciate your kindness. Xiao has his own feet to walk out of here." "As far as I know, there are a lot of people outside who want to kill you," said Ruwu, smiling sweeter and more beautiful. "Aren't you one of them?" Xiao Lang said with a wry smile in his heart, "And he's a tough one!" Xiao Lang stood up slowly,pallet rack shelving, stretched himself, straightened his back, moved lazily and smartly, and changed his handsome face into a comfortable and good-looking smile: "There have never been fewer people who want to kill Xiao, but Xiao still survived." Ruwu stared at every movement of the waves, and his eyes were full of strange colors. The feelings contained in it were like the waves hitting the shore of the tide. He said softly, "In that case, you should take good care of yourself. Ruwu should come to visit Gongyu again at a later date." "Come and kill me?" Said Xiao Lang with a wry smile. For the first time, Ruwu Yurong had an expression of bitterness and helplessness. He sighed softly, "This is not as the fog wishes. We can only blame fate." Xiao Lang shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's all right. If the young lady has nothing else important to do, Xiao would like to leave first." If the fog beautiful eye shoots out the complex incomparable strange light, for the first time to the man in front of him gives birth to the elusive feeling. Her beautiful temperament is not only natural beauty so simple, push back racking system ,metal racking systems, but also through the tempering of six desire magic skills, whether it is a smile, all have the magnetic magic that makes people fascinated and fascinated. But Xiao Lang seems not to be attracted by her beauty at all, even in the two factions of gods and demons, few people can do this. His masculine charm left a strange feeling like fog. Like a thick fog, she took a breath and tried to expel the strange emotions from her mind. The people of the Demon Gate were unfeeling, not to mention that the object of her emotions today was the person she had to kill. Her "blood sacrifice" ceremony is not as easy as killing her opponent, but requires the unconditional submission of both the body and mind of the chosen person in order to be regarded as a complete merit. Xiao Lang is one of the most challenging opponents. Thinking of this, Ruwu smiled shallowly, and her beautiful eyes seemed to want to see through the depths of Xiao Lang's soul and said, "How dare Ruwu force you to have a pleasant journey?" Don't turn around and walk out of the mountain temple, leaving only the intoxicating fragrance. Xiao Lang stunned, completely did not expect the other side to compete really said to go. It was not until he was sure that he had gone like a fog that he sighed and sat down on the ground. He did not leave immediately, but cross-legged exercise, treatment of internal injuries, such as male said right, outside want to kill and want to kill him, as many as the crucian carp across the river, if he went out like this, it is not much different from death. At first, he had mixed feelings and thoughts, unable to concentrate, but after a while, he entered the state of forgetting both things and me, unaware of the passage of time around him. Mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth. When he opened his eyes again, the sky was white, and he knew that the night had passed. Xiao Lang dark call bad, hurriedly find the way, back to Haining dock, but unexpectedly there has been empty boat, originally moored beggar gang boat branch of the place has been empty, leaving only the river leisurely, Jiang Jie and flower male in no one. Just as he was in a daze, a cry rang out from behind him: "Prodigal son!" Xiao Lang suddenly looked back and saw Hua Gong running towards him with a face that could not hide his joy. Hua Gong Yu Xing stopped at Xiao Lang Chi Xu and looked him up and down for a long time. "You're all right," he exulted. "What does the word'unexpectedly 'mean?" Asked Xiao Lang with a wry smile. The playboy patted Xiao Lang on the shoulder and said, "It's all right. You didn't come back all night. We're worried about you!" "It's a long story," asked Xiao Lang. "Where is Jiang Jieren? He didn't have an accident, did he? The playboy shook his head and said, "He's all right. It's just that the Beggars' Sect has issued an urgent secret order.". Master Jiang is critically ill. All the disciples of Beggars' Sect have to go back to the chief rudder. He can't stay and wait for you. Hearing this,metal racking systems, Xiao Lang was stunned, thinking that it was such an urgent event that Jiang Jie left his companions at this critical moment, and it was really hard for him. kingmoreracking.com

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