Zong Yingmei has to pay rent even if she is a ghost.

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Description: Ancient tombs and so on, Arlene Jones is no doubt deliberately taken out, pointing to the day and night relative, through life and death when brushing good feeling. Even if he understood Allyn Jones's little tricks, he was asleep, and if he didn't want to, he had plenty of opportunities to call it off last night. He was only half drunk, not so drunk that he didn't know anything. Some things, once they start, are not something that Neil Caffrey can stop unilaterally. Moreover, he had no intention of calling a halt. Although he later discovered that the procession that followed them to the grave was mixed with non-human creatures, Arlin Jones, whose surname became Gustav after he was 14 years old, is now the crown prince of the Swedish royal family, and seems not to be a pure human himself-he always thought that when Arlin completed the contract, the silver-white scales on his temples were his momentary blindness when he completed the strange contract. But apparently, it's not. Yerling Jones,x52 line pipe, no, Yerling Gustav cunningly hides his own minuses and subtly influences Neil Caffrey in the process of getting along. Even if Neil Caffrey knew the secret that had not been carefully hidden, he would not kick his boyfriend because of it. As for the Swedish royal family, when Jarrin Gustav appeared in front of Neil Caffrey, everything would not be their obstacle. Now, the most troublesome thing facing Neil Caffrey is not that half a month ago,x60 line pipe, they were assassinated while enjoying the sunshine and beach on a small island in the tropical sea, and someone secretly wanted to make the situation unfavorable to them. But since three years ago, it has always inadvertently appeared in the line of sight, such as some documents of wedding planning, as well as the intention of Arin Gustav to express marriage intentionally or unintentionally. Neil Caffrey has a headache. Although under the contract of the Anubis Vow, he and Arrin have a deeper bond than a certificate issued by the government, but marriage? He feels that this is far away from him. Neil Caffrey was glad that Arin Gustav was not obsessed with marriage, although he had a vague feeling that he had not given up the idea of marriage. Speaking of, three years ago, it was the time when the Swedish government passed the same-sex marriage bill. Neither Neil nor Yerling had been injured in the previous assassination, but Yerling was greatly angered by the apparent shooting of Neil as the primary target. That's why he's not stuck with him now. He went to catch the man behind it. Neil suggested that he be a bait to see if he could catch the black hand behind the scenes, but this suggestion clearly touched the bottom line of Yarlin. But Neil doesn't want to stay in Sweden, uns s31803 sheet ,321 stainless steel sheet, he wants to go to the United States, he wants to go to New York to see Mozzie, and Yarlin can't lock people up. On the surface, he only gave Neil a stone eagle guard, but secretly, Neil himself did not know how many people were following him. Extraordinary times. Picking up a leak in a pawn shop is purely an accident, and it can also be a surprise. Neil Caffrey thought so. However, when he was targeted by the FBI named Peter Bock because of the gold coin, Neil Caffrey decided to take it back. Because he wants to "fish", Neil Caffrey does not deliberately hide his whereabouts, and Mozzie will use his contacts accumulated over the years in the gray area of New York to help him release some specious information. The only thing that Neil Caffrey didn't expect was that the fish was fished out, and a string of FBI bites followed. It was the fourth day of his return to New York, and the weather was fine. In a junk shop, Neil Caffrey, with a "Taobao" mentality, met a woman named Joan. The lady is the widow of the master criminal, and she has a good family. She was here to donate the suit, and she hit it off with Neil Caffrey. The Stone Eagle Guard, who had followed Neil Caffrey and pretended that he did not exist, gave a silent look at the dark-skinned lady, who, though well maintained and elegant, was at least fifty years old enough to be Mr. Caffrey's mother. Well, there should be no threat to your Highness. The stone eagle guard calmly withdrew his eyes and continued to pretend that he did not exist. The accident happened at that moment. Suddenly he appeared in the middle of the shop with a light "bang". The man in a black cloak raised his wand and used it on the shelves in the thrift shop. The sound of the objects exploding and the flying debris made the people in the thrift shop cry out. Then came a series of small explosions, and other men in black cloaks appeared in the thrift shop, this time targeting Neil Caffrey. The Stone Eagle Guard reacted quickly, pulling Neil Caffrey behind a shelf. Neil Caffrey grabbed the Joan lady and held her behind him. The Stone Eagle Guard did not say anything to Neil Caffrey, who by this time remembered saving people, but looked cold. He quickly pulled out his gun and pressed the trigger at the wizards. One hand-gun against at least a dozen wands, their side was clearly at a disadvantage. Even when Yerling Gustav arranged for a stealth escort to rush into the thrift shop and fight the wizards, the situation was still not in their favor. They are also wizards, but compared with the wizards who wear black cloaks and laugh shrilly, the wizards who come later wear three-piece suits in black suits. At first glance, they look no different from the elites of ordinary human society, but they hold real wands in their hands. Since ancient times, the Wiesen royal family has had the habit of recruiting wizards. Even though today's wizards live in their own wizarding world and have a social system independent of ordinary people, some wizards still choose to be loyal to the Wiesen royal family. Moreover, today's wizarding world has formed a magic Council, which can not control the wizards in the kingdom under the rule of the Wesson Royal Family. As for those wizards who have no scruples about using evil spells to attack directly in the ordinary world,316l stainless steel pipe, there is a kind of wandering wizard in the wizard world who disdains the jurisdiction of their government. Their nature is similar to that of human mercenaries, and they are always rich and easy to do things. The Wandering Wizard apparently had no intention of killing Neil Caffrey, and they wanted to capture him. lksteelpipe.com

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