AdvancedMD EHR /EMR - AdvancedMD EHR Software

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Description: Healthcare providers using AdvancedMD EHR/EMR can partner with Transcure to manage their revenue cycle process efficiently. Our RCM experts can submit clean claims and reduce the AR of AdvancedMD EHR software users. AdvancedMD EHR/EMR users can optimize their RCM process with the support of Transucre’s medical billing experts. We offer continuous support to providers who use AdvancedMD EHR software.


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Epic EHR/EMR - Epic Medical Software

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Description: The revenue cycle experts at Transcure are well-versed with the ins and outs of the Epic medical software. We help physicians who use Epic EHR/EMR to attain a high-performing RCM process and boost overall collections. Medical practices who use Epic medical software can streamline the RCM process with our complete support. We enable Epic EHR/EMR users to optimize the reimbursement rate with a high-performing RCM process


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Multi Specialty Billing - Medical Billing & Coding Specialties

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Description: Transcure offers medical billing and coding services to various specialties. If you own a multi specialty practice, we offer medical billing services customized according to your needs. The billing experts at Transcure can help you improve financial outcomes. We offer medical billing and coding services to multi specialty practices in the USA. Transcure is a medical billing company aimed at empowering medical practices financially to improve the revenue cycle process.


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Value added Service - Value added Service Provider - Transcure

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Description: We offer value added business services to medical practices enabling them to optimize administrative workflows. As a medical billing company, we ensure seamless work processes and improve your healthcare organization with value added service. Transcure empowers medical practices of all sizes in the USA with value added business services. You can maximize practice revenues by making the workflows seamless with our value added service.ted and customizable EHR medical software. Transcure offers medical health records software to maximize patient engagement by delivering quality care.


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Medical Practice Management Solutions - Transcure

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Description: Increase productivity, reduce administrative burdens, and maximize patient engagement with our practice management software. Achieve seamless workflows and increase practice productivity with Transcure healthcare practice management software.


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EHR Medical Software - Medical Health Records Software - Transcure

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Description: Transcure is a multi-specialty EHR medical software to optimize workflows and manage office tasks easily. The interactive user-interface helps you to use our medical health records software seamlessly. The amazing features in our EHR medical software help physicians to strengthen practice workflows. Our medical health records software offers advanced features to reduce the burden of administrative tasks.


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Medical Transcription Services - Medical Transcription Company

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Description: Transcure is a transcription company that makes the transcription process rapid and accurate. Our transcription services are customized according to your practice needs and help you manage clinical documentation effectively. The transcription services by Transcure help providers to transcribe accurately and stay compliant with the industry rules. Reduce the transcription errors with the transcription company and maintain accurate documentation.


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RCM Services - Revenue Cycle Management Company

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Description: We offer RCM services to boost the growth of medical practices and streamline their revenue cycle process. Being a revenue cycle management company, we empower medical practices of all sizes to maximize overall collections. The RCM services by Transcure help practices reduce administrative burdens and simplify the medical billing and coding process. Our revenue cycle management company helps you focus on patient health and enhance care management.


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Patient Eligibility Verification Services | Real Time Eligibility

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Description: Patient eligibility verification services by Transcure makes it easy for providers to validate the insurance coverage of patients. Our real time eligibility helps practices to keep track of patients’ insurances and get paid on time.


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